Dec 1, 2023

How to make sure that your possessions don't get dirty during the relocation?

How to make sure that your possessions don't get dirty during the relocation?

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When you think about moving, one of the first things that pop up in your mind is for sure stress. There are so many small things that you need to worry about. Not to forget some of the things. Not to break anything, not to lose anything. And it might also bother you, how to move so your possessions don’t get dirty while moving. It might not be the most common concern, but it is occasional. There are various types of plastic storage bins for moving which you can either rent or buy in order to keep your things clean. This way they will be ready to use as soon as you move into your new home. You won’t have to spend extra time cleaning more things than needed. And you can start relaxing in your new home immediately. If you organize yourself in advance, mistakes won’t be done.

Organize your moving

Firstly, what you will need to do is decide which things you want to keep and relocate, and which not. If money is not your concern and you want completely fresh new things, then you can always buy them. On the other hand, if you are trying to save money, it’s a better option to take as much as possible with you. You should arrange packing for each room and things separately. In order to relocate perfectly so your possessions don’t get dirty, packing is the main key. There are many things that can help you to pack your things safer to prevent them from getting dirty. For example, plastic box rental might be the perfect option. This way you know your possessions are secured.

A man holding duck tape ready to close the cardboard box for moving.

Be sure that you secured all of your boxes so that your possessions don't get dirty!

Moving supplies you will need so your possessions don't get dirty

Before packing, you will have to prepare some cheap plastic bins for moving so your possessions don’t get dirty during the relocation.

  • Plastic storage bins in different sizes
  • Vacuum bags
  • Plastic foils
  • Bubble wraps
  • Rubber tie or zip tie
  • A good packing plan!

How to pack so your possessions don't get dirty

A good packing plan is a principal key to prevent stuff from dirtiness. When packing, do one room at a time. Don’t mix things from different rooms. The first rule when packing so your possessions doesn’t get dirty – separate cosmetics and toiletries from other things. The same goes for any type of liquid.

A couple carrying boxes for moving with separated stuff so their possessions don't get dirty.

Divide your belongings into groups and label your boxes to be more organized!


First, start with the bathroom. Put all the previously washed and cleaned towels in one plastic box and close it. For toiletries like shampoos and conditioners, the process is a little bit different. Each of the things packs separately in vacuum plastic bags and close with rubber ties or zip ties. When you do this for every product, you can now store them in bigger plastic bottles. It is the same process as other cosmetic products. Especially make-up. You want to make sure that you secured each bag tight, so nothing can spill out and get dirty.


Moving on to the bedroom, there is not much to worry about possessions getting dirty. Just separate clothes of your own preference and pack them neatly. You don't want your clothes to be scrunched. Remove the pillowcase from the pillow and the sheets from the duvets. Pack pillows, blankets, and duvets in one box. In another box, you can pack all your sheets and bed linen.


For the kitchen, the process is similar. It's best to divide food from the dishes. You can start by packing dishes carefully in one box by wrapping them in bubble wraps. Then you can move on to spices that you want to save and relocate with you. But if they open, it can be messy. You have to be careful when packing them so your possessions don't get dirty. Separate each spice. All of them, no matter if they are in a bag, bottle, or some case. Secure them with the plastic thin foil and then put them in plastic vacuum bags. Now, store them in one box only for spices. Food is not recommendable to move, it's better to buy new of course, but if you want, repeat the process again.

Packing other possessions so they don't get dirty

This is the best way of keeping your possessions from getting dirty. You can do the exact same process for every room and for every group of things you are packing. Remember that the main goal is not to mix things and to secure them well. This is especially for liquids. And in the end, remember to tape all the boxes multiple times. After that, you can label them so you don't make a mess when unpacking in your new home!

Think about the future and go green!

Global warming and climate changes are only some of the problems that we have these days. If we want to have a future, we have to do more. Helping our planet with some small steps can be a lot. Even when you are moving, in order to make sure your possessions don't get dirty while relocating, you can start using green moving supplies instead of plastic and basic ones. It might seem like it's not affecting and helping, but it is. If everyone starts doing this, we can give a chance to our children and grandchildren too. Our future is depending only on us. We choose how will it be.

Man and woman standing in the kitchen, wrapping things in bubble wrap and packing them in the boxes.

Make sure that you wrapped each thing perfectly so there won't be accidents!Pack your things carefully and with patience so your possessions don't get dirty while you are relocating. Also, keep in mind that using reusable or biodegradable material boxes is the best option. We should all try going green, even when we are packing moving away. Once you packed your things and did all the wrapping you can relax and be sure that your things will stay clean during the relocation.