Dec 1, 2023

How to make your NYC home more spacious

How to make your NYC home more spacious

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Apartments in NYC are notorious for being extremely small and expensive. In order to make your NYC home more spacious, you are going to need to invest some effort. Basically, the average studio apartment in NYC is only about 550 square feet. When you add some rooms, it goes up to a total of 750 square feet of living space. In order to make your life easier, you can think about green box rentals and well, rent them. To be honest, none of these hacks will make your NYC apartment bigger. However, they can give the illusion of being larger than it really is.

woman thinking how to make NYC home more spacious

In order to make your NYC home more spacious, you need to use some hacks

In order to make your NYC home more spacious, make a plan first

Of course, even if you invest time in planning, you cannot do a lot since the size is really an obstacle to a lot of things. However, you can do a couple of things that will help your apartment-style and space. Since the plastic moving totes are very practical, you can think of a bit greener products. In that way, you will both save the planet and make your NYC apartment more spacious. Here is what you can do:

  • make use of vertical space
  • avoid dark colors
  • don't buy big furniture
  • be creative
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When you decide to make your NYC apartment more spacious make a plan first!

When you make your NYC home more spacious, make sure to use up the vertical space

Basically, you will do whatever you need to make your living in a small apartment in NYC more comfortable. NYC apartments have vertical space with high ceilings. If you’re handy enough, you can build your own loft-like bed frame. Although it does not seem comfy, it can actually be pretty cozy. Again, if you are not so handy, you can always buy something similar. Then, you can create storage with vertical, open bookcases. In addition, a desk would be a perfect match. You can make both your living and working environment in no time.

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Use up your vertical space!

Avoid dark colors

Lighter colors make the room more open. in addition, it will brighten the space and bring in positive energy. If you opt for a mirror, you will have a maximum brightness then. Just in case, you need some additional green moving supplies, make sure to contact some of the best companies. Also, people often forget, but make sure to paint the ceilings. The ceilings are also reflective. Paler colors are the best in brightening up the room. They also bring happy thoughts.

Don't buy big furniture

Large pieces of furniture can be super-comfy, but they will use up a lot of living space. Therefore, you will need to go smaller, but more practical. The smaller sofa will give you options such as chairs in a corner or a cafe table. Moreover, the smaller furniture is less overwhelming to the room atmosphere. It creates the illusion of the space is much larger than it really is.

Be creative

Following all these hacks will certainly make your apartment feel larger and nicer. However, in terms of saving space, you can still be more creative. There are multiple ways of organizing a smaller apartment. You can put a hammock instead of a gigantic sofa for example. No matter what you are trying, always try to have more fun!Living in Big Apple has its advantages. That is why a lot of people, especially younger ones, want to stay here chasing the American Dream. New York is a city of possibilities. People are in constant need of roommates. Even though is big, scary, and expensive, people still cannot become immune to its charm. However the possibility of stumbling upon a big yet affordable apartment are second to none. So if you are looking for ways to make your NYC home more spacious, you are not alone. New York, New York!