Jul 15, 2024

How to Move a Heavy Couch Up the Stairs Safely?

How to Move a Heavy Couch Up the Stairs Safely?

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Carrying a sofa or other heavy furniture up the stairs is always difficult and requires physical strength and organization. To move the furniture safely in the first place, they need the necessary equipment.

In this blog, we will advise you on safely carrying the couch up the stairs.


When planning to move the couch upstairs, we need to know in advance how wide the staircase is, how high the ceiling is, and how to get through all the corners without damaging the furniture or injuring ourselves.

Be sure to measure the length, width, and height of the sofa as well as the weight so that you know how many people you will need to transport it.

Make Sure The Weight of the Couch is Evenly Distributed

Most couches can be very heavy, especially those that are extendable or have a storage box, so it can make it even more difficult to transport, and therefore more hands are needed.

Tools and Equipment

If possible, disassemble the couch into parts and wrap them in foil or blankets. That way, it will be easier to carry it up the stairs. If the sofa cannot be disassembled, provide the following equipment:

  • Glove
  • Pushcart
  • Carrying straps
  • Pad for skating
  • Protective covers.

All this equipment has a special and important role in transporting the sofa up the stairs safely.

Equipment Check

Before you start moving the couch, be sure to check whether the equipment is in good condition. Check that the transfer cart is stable and that the belts and gloves are in good condition and without damage. When you have checked everything, you can start the move.

Using a Handcart

When moving the couch up the stairs, a handcart is a good choice to relieve the carrying. Place the couch on the trolley so that the weight is equally shared.

When you get to the stairs, one person should be in front of the cart and the other behind, pulling the cart up together. To prevent the stroller from sliding, you can place a rog on the stairs.

Carrying Straps

Straps for carrying sofas and other heavy furniture are very practical and safe if used correctly. They can help distribute the weight and relieve the back. Check if the couch is well secured, and walk carefully and slowly up the stairs, paying attention to your balance.

Two-by-Two Technique

For the two-by-two technique, two people need to first lift one end of the couch and place it on one step, then lift the other part and place it on the next step. Repeat this process to the top and make it easier to move the couch.

Regular Breaks

Regardless of which couch transfer technique you use, breaks are necessary. On each floor, stop to rest and, at the same time, see your progress. During the breaks, pay attention to proper breathing to lower your heart rate and, if possible, drink water to avoid dehydration. Rest also increases concentration.

Proper Lifting of the Couch

Correct lifting technique is always very important, but when it comes to carrying it upstairs, you should pay extra attention. Here are some tips on how to properly carry the sofa up the stairs:

When lifting the sofa, always bend your knees and not your back, because that way you save the lower part of the spine.

Always use your legs as your main strength, and when holding a heavy couch, keep them close to your body.

If you follow these tips, moving the couch up the stairs will be much easier and safer.

Seek Help from Family and Friends

Moving a couch up the stairs requires the help of more people. Typically, two to four people are needed to safely and easily move the couch. Ask for help from family or friends. One of the advantages is the cost reduction, as professional teams can be quite expensive, and help from family or friends is free. You can also spend quality time together.

Communication and Coordination

Good communication is also important to safely carry the furniture up the stairs. Agree in advance on which technique and equipment you plan to use when moving the couch. Before you start the transmission, agree on the signals to make it easier to communicate.

For the safest transfer of the couch, choose one person as the leader who will have the main say when it comes to coordination. That way, you won't waste time, but the couch will safely carry you up the stairs.

Checking Passage Accessibility

Before you start moving the couch, check if the passage is passable. You must see that no one has left any objects on the stairs, that nothing has been spilled on them, and that the lighting is working. Make sure that the base is well placed so that it does not slide. If everything is good, you can safely carry the couch up the stairs.

Hire a Professional

If you need to move a large and heavy couch up the stairs and don't have the experience or enough people to help, consider hiring a professional. Professionals have teams with experience handling heavy and massive furniture like couches. They also have all the necessary equipment and know how to assess the space and the best route for moving. With their help, you can move your couch safely and without stress.

Rent Specialized Equipment

When it comes to moving a large and heavy couch and you have enough money, a safe and good solution is to rent special equipment for moving furniture. These are motorized dollies that help make the whole process of moving upstairs easier. You can rent this equipment from moving companies or from special stores that offer such equipment.


Carrying a heavy couch upstairs can be a challenging process, but with the proper preparation, equipment, and techniques, it is possible to complete this task safely and efficiently. If you follow these tips, you can reduce the risk of injury and successfully carry a heavy couch up the stairs without damage.

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