Dec 1, 2023

How to move carpets and rugs from one place to another?

How to move carpets and rugs from one place to another?

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Organizing a move doesn't just mean buying moving boxes and packing belongings. There are a lot of things to consider to make the move go smoothly. You also need to move and protect rugs and carpets from dirt and damage. That is not the first thing to pop into your mind when thinking of moving tasks. However, by preparing them properly for the moving day, you will save a lot of time and inconvenience at a later moment. Do not neglect this preparation. It will save you not only time but also money. Capital City Bins will help you prepare and move carpets and rugs properly.

Preparing small carpets and rugs for the move

First, let's detail how to pack small rugs for the move. The good news is those small rugs are much easier to pack and transport than large ones. You can pack such rugs on your own. For this purpose, you only need some basic packing materials like wrapping paper, a few strings, and tape. The bad news? You will probably have a hard time deciding if it is even worth packing and transporting some of your cheap rugs. After all, keep in mind that it can be much more expensive to transport rugs to another home than to simply leave them behind and buy new ones after the move.

Move carpets and rugs

Move carpets and rugs easily with the right preparation.

How to protect the carpet from dirt and damage when moving

To protect the carpets when moving, you can use a special self-adhesive carpet protection film or PVC carpet protection roll. They are easy to use, just roll out and specially developed adhesive keeps them down. The surface is not slippery and you can walk back and forth quietly with shoes. If you want to save some money instead of buying film protectors, you can use blankets, towels, or even old pieces of carpet or use cheap plastic bins for moving. This variant will cost you less, and it is reliable. No matter which variant you choose, it is worth talking about it with professional packers.

The right protection during transport

During transport, especially in bad weather, you should take care to protect the delicate carpet or rugs against moisture. Corrugated cardboard or painter's fleece, for example, is very suitable for this purpose. Especially in newly built areas, where roads are not yet properly paved, such protection should not be dispensed with, so that the freshly cleaned floor coverings do not become dirty and the sensitive removal goods arrive at their destination undamaged.

Clean before you move carpets and rugs

Clean the carpet before you pack it up for relocation because you don't want to bring accumulated dust, dirt, hair, bad odors into the new house or apartment. Do not skip this step, and clean your rugs especially if you have a pet dog, cat, or bird. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly and then let it hang in the sun for several hours, if possible. If you have expensive oriental rugs don't clean them on your own. Take the expensive carpets and rugs to professional cleaners.

Cute white and and brown dog lying on a black rug

Clean all carpets and rugs before moving.

Turn it over

Turn the rug over. This is an important detail to consider to avoid premature damage to your small rugs. Identify the direction of the carpet pile. Rugs are made to create a specific direction of the fibers. To properly pack rugs, you need to determine the orientation of the rug pile. To do this, lift one end of the carpet and use the palm of your hand to determine the direction of the carpet pile. You should feel the resistance of the fibers as you go in one direction and a smooth feel as you go in the other direction. Also, let your rugs hang in the sun for several hours, if possible.

Roll up the carpet for transport

And very important: Always roll up the carpet so that the back is visible on the outside. This ensures that the carpet and rugs are protected against dirt and grime and other damage during transport. After rolling up the carpet, secure it against rolling up. The best way to do this is with a thin rope or, in a pinch, with (only slightly adhesive) masking tape, which can usually be removed again without leaving any residue. So it is best to fold the carpets and put them into plastic moving boxes only shortly before departure and unload and spread it out again at the destination so that the carpet can "smooth itself out" again.

Move carpets and rugs properly

Carpets should never be bent or even folded. This often gives, especially with inexpensive and low-quality carpets and carpeting then nasty pressure marks, which are then always seen later. The carpet back can even break if you want to fold the carpet with force. Especially since a carpet that you only fold also takes up too much space during transport. And especially when moving, space in the car, van, or furniture truck is actually almost always too little. You must always roll carpets and rugs. Preferably (if possible) always so that you roll in the short side. If, for example, the carpet measures 28 x 118 inches, then you roll the carpet with the shorter 78-inches side. Just not crooked and diagonal. Then the carpet roll for transport will only be unnecessarily long.

Carpet and rugs on the floor

It is very important that when transporting carpets and rugs that you pack them properly.When you need to move carpets and rugs, you just need to follow the right packing steps to make sure they reach the new home in pristine condition. This is especially important if you are taking very expensive and more valuable oriental rugs. Get in touch with us today if you need packing supplies for your relocation. We will be happy to provide you the best packing supplies so you can move safely.