Dec 1, 2023

How to move plants safely?

How to move plants safely?

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For some reason, when people move away, they often forget about their green friends. Having a plant in your home means that you have a living being that you need to take care of. It's not okay to buy them, let them rot, or leave them and throw them away when you move out. There are ways for you to take care of them and move plants safely. You can get plenty of good-quality supplies from Capital City Bins. And if you are someone who is going green and wants to be sustainable as much as possible, even during the relocation, it's a perfect choice. Plants are very important and in addition to move them, you need to separate time just for this, too. They require special treatments you will give them. It's possible to transport all of your plans with you to your new home. Just learn how.

Succulent plants with gardening tools.

Learn how to move plants safely, they are your friends!

Make sure that you are allowed to transport your plants

This you probably already know, but before you prepare your plants for transportation, you need to know if you are allowed to move them. You can't grow all plants everywhere. So, before you make any mistake, check with authorities if your plants can be moved with you. What you should do is contact the state's department for agriculture and see if there are any restrictions. This will prevent any inconvenience on the way too.Also, what you should know is that you will have more luck with the plants that are in pots inside your home. The plants that are replanted outside can be forbidden in the state where you are about to move. Before you start looking for cheap plastic bins for moving your plants and yourself, make sure you have permission for that. It's better to know in advance. You don't want someone taking away your plants from you.

What moving supplies you will need for packing, in addition, to move plants safely?

Every type of packing requires special packing supplies. That also goes for the plants. Remember that they are sensitive and you need to take special care of them. Especially while you are packing them. In addition, to move plants safely, you will need to pack them safely too. Packing supplies that you will need for this are:

  • Small moving boxes for each pot
  • Plastic pots so you can replace clay ones
  • Plastic moving tubs
  • Potting soil that is sterilized
  • Bubble wrap, packing paper, or some old newspaper
  • Plastic bags or the biodegradable ones
  • Flea collars
  • Paper towels
  • Gardening tools

Once you have all the green moving supplies that you need, it's time to pack them! Also, you can use some alternatives that you already have at home, instead of buying new supplies that you will only use once.

Girl holding plants in a wooden box.

Plants are sensitive so pack them carefully!

Pack them in a proper way

Packing your plants can be done in easy five steps. Just make sure that you follow each one of them properly. And don't miss any step on the way. So, first, you want to place a plastic bag over one pot and tie it up at the base. You need to do this, in addition, to keep the soil contained. After that, you want to tape the bottom of the box and secure it well. Then you should place the plant inside. Now you can use that packing paper or the newspaper, whatever you have, to fill in the empty space inside the box. You want to secure your plant, but you need to let it breathe too. So do it carefully. For this, you can also poke holes in the box so you can let fresh air flow inside.If you, on the other hand, have plants that are too big for this, there is another procedure to follow. You need to take a sharp and clean cut on an area of the plant that you want to move. Find healthy growth that is three to six inches long. You need to keep the end moist. To do so, wrap it in the wet paper towels that you prepared earlier. After that secure the paper towels with some rubber bands and keep that in one plastic stem holder. When you are packing the cutting, do it in a plastic pot, not the ceramic one. The most important thing that it has enough moisture during the move.

Move plants safely in your car

Now, when it comes to the relocation day, you want to keep your plants with you. Most likely, you will hire a moving company to relocate your belongings with the truck. Don't let them move your plants. They are sensitive and fragile, and you need to water them on the way and take care. So, instead of loading them with other boxes, take them in your car with you. You can ship them through some post offices, but it's not recommendable.Keep them exposed to air and keep them in front of the car with you. Let them soak in the sun and air, and water them whenever it's needed. If you are moving long-distance, and there is a need to stay overnight somewhere, take your plants with you. Don't leave them in the car at any cost! Put them somewhere safe, and check them out every now and then.

Girl sitting in on the floor surrounded with plants and reading.

Be ready to learn and discover new things about your plants!

New home - new plants and decorations!

When you arrive at your new home, it's time for some arrangements. Firstly what you need to do is take care of your plants. Other things can wait. Plant them again in their pots, and arrange them through your new home and garden. Also, the new home needs some new decorations, right? You can buy new pots and decorations for your little green friends. It will be nicer for your home. You have already gone to lengths to move plants safely so remember to water them and check if they need to be re-planted. Don't let them dry and rot.