Dec 1, 2023

How to move while it's snowing?

How to move while it's snowing?

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Moving while snowing sounds like a worst-case scenario. When the first snowflakes start to fall, it always wakes up an inner child in everyone. On the first day of snow, everything seems magical and beautiful. However, this magic doesn’t last long. Soon, all that winter magic turns to a nightmare full of frozen streets, snow-broth, and cold. These aspects of winter certainly don’t contribute when you need to move. Snow can cause many problems like snowdrifts, freezing fog, and icicles. These all combined create treacherous conditions in which moving can be quite dangerous for humans and items alike. To prevent any damage, you need to act wisely when you move while it's snowing. Also in this situation, it's good to check Capital City Bins for packing supplies.

What to do when you need to move while it's snowing?

In winter conditions, you should use cardboard boxes as little as possible. Instead of them, use plastic moving containers. Their main advantage is that they are waterproof and leak-resistant which is what you need the most. They come in different sizes.

  • Small Bins- 1.5 cubic feet
  • Medium Bins- 3 cubic feet
  • Large Bins- 4.5 cubic feet
  • Dish packs
  • Mattress Boxes
  • Mirror Boxes
  • Custom Crates
  • Wardrobe Boxes

One of the main problems in winter is getting your items wet. When you are assessing the number of boxes for the move, you should also look at what kind of boxes you need. Not all types of moving boxes are good for every weather. The snow turns very fast into snow-broth. Because of the high chances of getting your items damaged by water, you should find more sturdy and water-resistant packing materials.

family packing their items

Be careful when choosing boxes for your relocation

Why is the size of the box important when you are packing?

The big delusion when packing is to pack a large number of items in the large bins. Yes, these bins are big but, they are not strong enough to carry a lot of weight. Because of this, it's best to pack large and fluffy belongings like pillows, blankets, and such. For heavy and small items, you should use small bins and you can group them into the medium-sized bin. While packing in winter, don’t forget to boost your immunity as colds are very common in winter. A good option for packing materials is to use eco moving boxes. These boxes are reusable, multi-purpose, and long-lasting. Also, like their name says they are eco-friendly and with this, you are taking steps to keep Earth safe and clean. You can motive your children to be environmentally-friendly with this type of moving.

A couple walking.

Do not forget to protect yourself when moving.

Why are plastic moving bins a better option for a winter move?

When you need to move while it's snowing, you should dress properly in warm clothes, with gloves and a winter hat. For your items, choose plastic moving bins as they are reusable, don’t need to be assembled, are a safer and easier solution for packing and transport. They can also serve as good storage options in your home or in storage units. They offer protection from moisture, dust, and unforeseen circumstances whether you use them for moving or storing.