Dec 1, 2023

How to negotiate with NYC movers?

How to negotiate with NYC movers?

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Relocation is a period where you are overwhelmed with many different things at once. However, if you aim to avoid any additional stress, you should seek negotiation with your moving company. Precisely, with the company you hire for certain services. In this article, we will discuss ways to negotiate with NYC movers, or with your supplies supplier, such as Capital City Bins, to bring the best out of the agreement. Unlike regular moving companies, there are companies that will offer a few different services. For instance, a company that offers only packing and packing material services. If you are opting for a DIY relocation, but require adequate packing materials you should know how to bargain for it. So, what can you expect in that situation?

Negotiate with NYC movers to have the best relocation experience

Packing supplies will help you properly pack your items. More importantly, you can choose a green way to pack your items which will pollute the environment less. For instance, getting reusable moving bins from a reliable source is the best way to think about the environment. So, how can one negotiate when in need of packing materials?

  • Know how many items you have to move
  • Determine what type of packing materials you need
  • Contact several companies, then compare the prices
  • Try not to get more materials than you need
  • See if they have any special offers

The core of your relocation experience lies in how organized you are throughout the process. In this article, we will focus on helping you struck an agreement for packing supplies.

two men in black suits shaking hands on the street

The goal of negotiation is to make sure both sides of the table are satisfied with the agreement.The art of negotiating can help you get the best out of any experience. In this case, you want to have the best moving materials at the lowest cost.

Is there a criterion for the number of items?

The first thing you should know before engaging in a conversation with the moving company is how many items you have to move. If you want to negotiate with NYC movers successfully you should know approximately how many items you need to pack. So, before you contact them, go through your things and separate them to see how much room they will take. After you realize how much room you need, you will be able to know the approximate number of boxes and bins you require. This can help you determine moving supplies costs and help with creating a moving budget. Even if you go for a DIY relocation, you will need some money for protective materials and moving supplies.

Determine what type of packing materials you need

Another way you can leverage your negotiation with the moving company is by knowing what materials you need for the move. Namely, if you need sturdy boxes to endure heavy items or if you need lighter, more eco-friendly boxes. The material of those boxes will impact the price of the service. Therefore, you should know exactly what type of material you need for this move. A useful thing would be to write down all the supplies and services you would like to get. So once you contact the company you can have a clear vision of what you want and how to get it.

Negotiate with NYC movers - Contact several companies, then compare the prices

The best thing to give you an advantage in negotiation with a moving company is to know how much their competition charges. For instance, instead of calling one moving company and settling for their services, do the research. Contact a couple of companies, ask about the prices of the service you want and write them down. Later on, sit down and calculate which service is the best for you. More importantly, which company will offer more services or materials for the lowest amount of money.

a woman negotiate with NYC movers on the phone while drinking coffee

Take time to contact several companies and see what offer suits you the best.Ultimately, as you talk with the moving company you will know what type of materials they have to offer, how quick is the process going to be, and how professional they are. These are all the aspects you should be looking out for. Finally, settle for the company that will make present the best offer.

Try not to get more materials than you need

If you did the previous steps of preparing your items to have an approximate evaluation of the materials needed you should be ready for this step. Namely, you should not take a package of supplies or any offers that offer more than you need. Firstly, because you will probably end up paying more than you need. Secondly, because more does not mean better. Investigate the company and see what type of materials they use for their boxes and bins.

a man under a large quantity of cardboard boxes

If you choose more boxes than you need you will feel cluttered and overwhelmed.Having extra low-quality materials is not a profitable choice. More importantly, assess the number of boxes you will need beforehand and stick to that number.

See if they have any special offers

Often will movers have a special offer to appeal to their customers. Of course, this will vary from the situation. Therefore, you should ask if the company has any special offers to give you. For instance, more bins and boxes for the same price or a discount on some of the boxes. This way, you can save some money during this process and put it to good use. Remember, as you negotiate with NYC movers you are trying to make the most out of the agreement. This means that you should have the maximum amount of service and materials for a certain price. Of course, this does not mean that the company will always offer something. If the company has no current special offers you can ask if there will be any soon. This can benefit you, especially if you are not in a hurry to relocate.