Dec 1, 2023

How to organize every room of the house with plastic bins

How to organize every room of the house with plastic bins

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Plastic storage containers are the best way to store and organize out-of-season garments or special clothes, such as Halloween costumes or a collection of Christmas sweaters that you just can't throw out. The benefits are numerous, so you can organize every room of the house with plastic bins. Plastic protects clothing in places such as a wet basement or a dusty attic. These containers are square and have the same size, so they can be folded at the corners or on high shelves, using every inch of your storage. Transparent plastic makes it easy to remove items from the correct storage container without digging.There are a lot of things you can do with reusable plastic moving boxes! They are useful in almost all the rooms in your home, and they are probably the least expensive way to organize!

Organize your kitchen

  • Organize your freezer chest with plastic bins or cardboard boxes. They are easy to pick up so that you can get everything in the freezer and also use different colors to sort through your frozen foods.
  • Organize box mixes in your pantry
  • Arrange things on the shelves in your kitchen. The handle makes these containers very easy to use, even when they are high!
  • Give them a colorful coat of paint and a label and use them to organize your pantry
  • Give your fridge a mini makeover
  • Organize your entire pantry with the plastic bins and some other things from the Dollar Tree.
  • Make your own labels and add them to the storage space to organize your storeroom
  • Arrange in your side freezer/fridge
  • Organize your fridge to help prepare for the holidays
  • Organize under your kitchen sink
  • This is the perfect way to organize sprinkling, icing and other baking accessories
  • Organize cleaning products under the kitchen sink
  • Arrange all the spice packs in your pantry
Blank tags

Use hanging tags to mark bins so you can easily organize your pantry

Organize children's room and playrooms

  • Give the storage bins a layer of pastel paint and use them to organize the changing table
  • Use them to drive small toys into the game room
  • Use them in the bookcase to store toys
  • Color coordinate storage in the children's closet using them
  • Sort children's clothes by size so that the next size is always on the deck; they grow so fast out of their clothes!
  • Use them to organize children's toys, and stick labels on the front of plastic bins so that children can easily determine what goes where

Organize your laundry room

  • Use plastic bins to sort small items by color
  • Organize all the laundry supplies on the shelf above your washing machine
  • Pack all supplies to the cube storage container to take advantage of the vertical space
  • Paint them according to the decor and use them to organize your laundry
  • Make your own simple metal tags to complete your vintage look in your laundry

Organize your bathroom

  • Cover the bin with some fabric so you can make a great bathroom vault that you can keep in sight!
  • Arrange things on the shelves above the toilet
  • Use them to organize toiletries and personal hygiene items in the bathroom
  • Use them to organize all the items in your closet
  • Place large bins on the side, and then place smaller storage boxes inside to create additional storage space in the bathroom
  • Organize cleaning products under the sink in the bathroom

Organize all your closets

  • Make chalkboard labels that will help you organize all your winter clothes
  • Attach labels to bins with clothespins and use bins to organize your laundry closet
  • Organize your hallway closet with plastic bins and chalkboard labels
  • Organize your first aid kit
  • They are perfect for storing small accessories in your wardrobe
  • Organization of stationery or writing materials
  • Organize your art and craft supplies
  • Organize toiletries and make-up in your closet

What are the other ways to organize every room of the house with plastic bins?

Plastic bin

If you organize every room of the house with plastic bins, you can do your share of saving the planet

General storage of clothes

Not only for storing clothes, but these containers with a lockable lid are also useful for an attic, basement, garage or in the kitchen. Just make sure you do not store plastic near something too hot — for example, a stove or a furnace. The size makes them very flexible for small pieces. But there are also a lot of other things that can fit in a plastic bin.

Garage and open spaces

Use more durable plastic containers in your garage, in your patio, in the shed, and in any other open storage room. Use them to store:

  • Sport equipment
  • Instruments
  • Cleaning products

File organization

Those very large file boxes should be large enough to hold files for a household of 2 people or less. As you begin to add new people, you probably need to go for the actual file cabinet.


You can use boxes with accessories for storing scarves, gloves, hats, voluminous jewelry and hosiery, but you can also think outside the box (pun intended). Here are some more ideas for a box with smaller accessories:

  • Desktop accessories
  • Tools
  • Cables and wires
  • Travel toiletries
  • Toys
Gadgets and accessories

And the list goes on and on

Festive decor, outdoor entertainment, and also large kitchenware

Plastic containers for storage capacity of 22 gallons is a great option for multipurpose use. Roomy enough to fit more than a hat. At the same time, small enough for a woman to carry them easily. The size also ensures that you will not weigh the container to such an extent that it is not safe to remove it from the high shelf. Make sure you get stackable bins with lids. They are designed to "fit" each other for easier storing.

Paper and craft

These flat cropped boxes are ideal for storing papers, documents, and craft materials. And they also fit in any closet or storage space. Use them to:

  • Gift wrapping materials
  • Handicraft materials
  • Files
  • Accessories such as scarves, gloves and hats
  • School supplies

Sweater and bulky garments

Storing a sweater is a delicate art. Sweaters, usually made of cotton, wool or cashmere, do not want to just sit in any old box during the hot summer months. They need to breathe and they need protection from the elements. Deep plastic storage bins ensure that you do not press them over each other, and the plastic construction will protect the fabric from dust and moisture.As we have already said, you can organize every room of the house with plastic bins. The only thing you need are some ideas. We gave you some of ours, but don't stop there. Be creative, see how you can use those bins in your home. There is no right and wrong, there is only useful.