Dec 1, 2023

How to organize your kitchen like a pro using plastic bins

How to organize your kitchen like a pro using plastic bins

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After you have bought or rented a new house, what is there left for you to do? There is decorating and organizing. It is very hard to do something like that, especially when you have a big house. One part of the house is particularly important to organize properly, the kitchen! It represents one room of the house where you have to know where you have put stuff so you always know where to look if you need something. Learn how to organize your kitchen like a pro using plastic bins!

Stack your cleaning supplies

We assume that have just finished unpacking so the key thing for you to do is to clean everything, of course. Be sure that you cleaned everything in the kitchen since no one wants to eat something prepared in a dirty one. After you have finished cleaning, you have to stack your cleaning supplies. The best place for that is under the sink. In order to do that you can use reusable plastic moving boxes. They are not too expensive but are very durable. Many people just put their cleaning products out in the open. That is not the correct thing to do since most of the chemicals that are used to make those products are very toxic to people. We assume that you do not want to do risk that, right? If not, use plastic moving boxes to put your cleaning supplies and then just close the lid.

Stack your spice

Many people use more space than they need to do this. Spice is an essential part of making food, depending on where you live and what kind of food you like. But how to organize your kitchen like a pro using plastic bins? Use stackable bins with lids where you can put different spice in the different part of the bin. It is very easy to do that, you just have to put all that in your closet and use whenever you have. The good part is that is will not use that much space too.

Organize your kitchen like a pro using plastic bins - freezer

The best way to organize your freezer is to use plastic bins. There are freezers of various sizes so if you have a small one, you will have to be smart about organizing it. The best way to do that is to use plastic bins. Do not worry about their size since they are also made in various sizes. The good thing about them is that there will not be any gaps between the bins and therefore you will lose less space in the freezer. You should consider this idea if you have a smaller kitchen and a smaller freezer.

Organize your fridge for holiday trips

You can even use plastic bins to organize your fridge on a daily basis. But the best way to use them is whenever you have planned a trip. Plastic bins and very grateful since they will keep the food cooler for a longer period of time. That means that if you have planned to go out in the countryside and make a picnic, be sure that your plastic bins will keep the cool from your sandwiches and drinks. No one likes to drink a warm drink, right? Especially in the hot days where that is the only way to keep yourself working. Just stack your plastic bins with food and drinks, keep it in the fridge and enjoy the trip!

Plastic bins will keep the cool of your food and drinks

Organize your fridge and freezer!

Organize your drawers

As we said before, there are plastic bins in various sizes so you should not worry about them fitting in your drawers. People usually keep their cutlery in the drawers. But the problems is that your cutlery stands right out in the open where dust falls down on it. We assume that you do not like to eat from spoons and forks that are a little dirty.

  • Separation- Organize your kitchen like a pro using plastic bins where you have to separate your cutlery. What we mean by this is that you have to separate spoons, forks, knives and whatever you have.
  • Put in the plastic bins- When doing this, be careful how you put things. They should all be faced in the same direction, especially when putting the knives.
  • Label plastic bins- The only thing that is left for you to do in order to organize your kitchen properly is to label your plastic bins. This will save you a lot of time and nerves when you have to serve something to unannounced guests.
Just separate the stuff before putting them inside

Organize the drawers of your kitchen!

Why it is important to organize your kitchen with plastic bins?

It is not necessary, for sure. But the use of plastic bins makes your kitchen more organized, especially when you label every plastic bin in the kitchen with its content. Your everyday life will be much easier, especially if you have careers and you do not have that much time for spending time in the kitchen making food. There is one more important aspect if you organize your kitchen like a pro using plastic bins.We live in a time where moving is not that uncommon as it was years ago. That means that if you ever decide to move, you will pack your kitchen like a pro. You would just have to transport all of it to the new house and everything stays the same!

Organize your kitchen like a pro using plastic bins since they are very practical

Plastic bins are very durable!

Can you use plastic bins to organize other rooms?

Of course, you can. People made plastic bins with that thought. Even though they are made from plastic, they are very durable and you will not probably have the need of changing them. Knowing how to organize every room in your house using plastic bins is important. It is not just randomly putting stuff in there and closing the lid. It is all about proper separation of things. You must not mix things because you will just make yourself more confused. Just separate the stuff, label the boxes with its content and put in the key spots. That means that you have to arrange them properly so you can use the most out of the space you have at your disposal.


It is not that hard to organize your kitchen like a pro using plastic bins. The key thing to the whole process is to separate all of your stuff and put them in the key positions in your kitchen. Use the size that suits your needs and we assure you that you will not have any complaint! Enjoy cooking!