Dec 1, 2023

How to pack and move picture frames

How to pack and move picture frames

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Picture frames that contain your favorite art pieces are one of those things that are making your home charming. They add the touch of personality and really can change the vibe of the room. Still, while very beautiful, it is a bit complicated to pack and move picture frames. Those pieces are delicate, usually oddly-shaped and sometimes very valuable. However, with a little effort and few right trips, you can pack and move picture frames without causing them any harm.

House decoration

Sometimes, the frame is the art for itself.

Packing supplies that you need to pack and move picture frames

For the safe transport of your picture frames, you will need to do your best in order to protect them. That implies proper packing techniques and adequate packing materials. The ones that provide efficient protection at every stage of the relocation process.You will need:

  • Specialized picture boxes or strong cardboard boxes of adequate sizes
  • White, clean packing paper
  • Plenty of plastic wrap with bubbles
  • Foam or cardboard corner protectors
  • Packing tape and painter’s tape
  • Moving blankets
  • A permanent marker for box labeling

You should gather high-quality packing materials that will protect your valuables before you start any other step in order to pack and move picture frames. That way, you won't have to go back to the store and you can minimize interruptions.

Scissors, duck tape and plastic wrap

Make a list of the necessary packing supplies so that you don't forget to purchase something.

Preparing picture frames for packing

Now that you have all the necessary packing supplies, you can start with packing your picture frames. First, you will have to wrap them in protective materials, then to place them into sturdy boxes, pit some cushioning and seal the boxes tightly. You're wondering how to do all that properly? Well then, keep reading...

Wrapping frames

Wrapping your picture frame will provide additional protection during the move. Here how proper wrapping should take place:

  • Put the blanket on a flat, stable surface
  • Put packing paper on the blanket
  • Then place the picture frame on the surface that you covered
  • Secure the glass in the picture frame with painter’s tape by making a giant X across the glass
  • Wrap the ends of the packing paper all around the frame
  • Tape the edges of the wrappings with packing tape to secure the paper
  • Use cardboard corner protectors over the corners of the frame for additional padding and stability
  • Wrap the entire piece in a thick layer of plastic wrap with bubbles
Plastic wrap with bubbles

More layers of wrapping - better protection.

Prepare boxes to pack and move picture frames

In order to pack and move picture frames properly, you first have to wrap them properly. If you followed the instructions above, that step is behind you. You may proceed with the packing preparation by focusing your attention to boxes.When you are using a special custom box for the certain frame, additionally secure its bottom and edges by wrapping them in duck tape. In several layers, the more the merrier. tape it well so the box can’t open during the transportation.If you’re using a regular moving box, this is one of the rare cases when cardboard boxes take the win over the plastic bins. While plastic is more durable, it can damage the painting inside the frame. Cardboard is much more suitable for these items. Follow the same procedure and tape layers of duck tape all around it.

Pack and move picture frame - placing the items in the boxes

This final packing step is also the most delicate one, so take your time.Place the picture frame into the box. No matter how much protective materials have you used for wrapping - there can't ever be too much protection. So add some packing paper or plastic wrapping to the empty spaces of the box.That will create cushioning which will keep your frame in one place during the transport. Add protective padding to the top of the frame. Seal the lid of the frame's box. Secure the whole box with duck tape so it can open during relocation.If you're packing more frames in one box, make sure to create a barrier between them. Here's where cardboard dividers can come in handy. Place them between individual frames and secure any empty spaces with protective materials.

Don't forget to test the box

Once you pack the picture frame in the box, lift it carefully and shake it slightly. If you can hear some bumpy noise, it shows that you didn't secure the item in the box correctly. If it's shifting now, it will be moving a lot on the bumpy road full of holes. In that case, you have to open the box and add more padding materials. Immobilize the picture frame in the box completely - that's the only way that will guarantee its safe relocation.If there's no sound when you shift the box, that means that you did a great job in protecting your picture frames.


It is important to learn how to label your boxes, especially the ones with valuable objects.You should always label the boxes that contain such items with writing that say - ART, GLASS, FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE, DO NOT LAY FLAT. If there are any instructions about how the movers should be handling those boxes, add it.Labeling the boxes will give a hint to movers to take precaution when loading and unloading them. Use red or black high-quality permanent market for the labeling.Once you label all your boxes with picture frames, your work is done. These tips will help you to pack and move picture frames without causing them any harm.