Dec 1, 2023

How to pack and store your summer equipment?

How to pack and store your summer equipment?

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Summer is a period when people live their lives to the fullest. Now, everyone does something that they enjoy. Therefore, one can say that summer is the time when you can see the most activity, especially outdoors. People mostly enjoy barbeque nights with their friends, hiking or trailing up the mountains, others love biking for long distances, etc. Regardless of what your favorite summer activity is, you need to ensure you can do it next year as well. Now that summer is almost over, we want to help you pack and store your summer equipment. Luckily, with companies like Capital City Bins, you will be able to safely store any items or equipment you have using some of the finest packing supplies. Before you start packing your items for the end of summer make sure you have a place to store them. If not at home, rent a storage unit.

How to pack and store your summer equipment properly?

The time to swap your summer gear for winter gear is almost up. This means that, now, you have to dedicate time to adequately preparing your summer gear for storage. Whether you have in-home storage or you are renting one, your summer equipment will need proper protection while inside. So, instead of doing both things at once start planning what you want to do with your summer equipment now.

a woman closes a suitcase as a depiction on how you should pack and store your summer equipment

From summer clothes to water, hiking or biking equipment, everything must be ready for the winterThis will help you organize your time much better and thus help you pack and prepare easier in the future. For instance, if you have some old furniture you want to get rid of - find a place your furniture. By doing so, you are creating more space for new items in the storage. Furthermore, you are also ensuring that you do not waste any time when storing time comes.

First and foremost, plan things out

Nothing beats a good plan. Regardless of the activity, you engage in, having a proper plan will make everything much easier. In this case, you should come up with a plan that will help you organize everything properly when the time comes. This plan should include:

  • Where to store your things?
  • Whether you are decluttering or not?
  • How to adequately protect certain items?
  • Creating a checklist of all the items you are storing

If you find it easier, write down everything you want to do and finish before summer ends. That way, you can use the plan as a guideline towards finishing everything on time. More importantly, this plan can be a good reminder in case you forget to do something.

Go through the items before packing them

There is a chance that you might not need to pack all of the items you were using this summer. Some of them may be broken or worn out and you will most likely not use them again. So, instead of filling your plastic wardrobe boxes for moving with clothes, you will probably not wear next summer, find another solution for them. Go through all of the items you want to store and separate the ones that you are not going to use anymore. Later, you can either donate, sell or throw those items away.

a couple going through items as they are preparing them for storage

You probably do not need to store every single summer item you have right now, so go through them and see which ones go into storage and which ones are not in good conditionWhat you do with them should depend on the state of the item, as well as your personal needs. Nonetheless, purging before packing and storing your summer equipment is always a good idea. Not only can it save you time, but it can also create more space for other items you have to store.

Obtain all the packing supplies you might need to pack and store your summer equipment

The items you plan on storing over the winter will need proper protection in order to survive until next year. This protection varies from the container you put it in, to the materials you use to layer the items inside the container. So, start obtaining all the supplies you might need to make this work. You will most likely need things like boxes, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, tape, etc. All of these items are relatively easy to obtain and should not take much of your time. However, if you want to go green this year, you can always opt for green storage bins. These supplies will help your items remain intact until it is time to get them out of storage next season.

Always clean the equipment and items before storing them

Regardless if you plan for packing and storing your summer equipment inside a storage unit or your own storage at home, the items need cleaning. Basically, each material does not go well with something. For example, the metal reacts badly to moisture and oxidation, wood deteriorates when in contact with humidity, etc. So, apart from protecting these items, you will also need to spend time cleaning them before you decide to store them. So, if you want to store and clean your surfer board, for example, you will need to make sure it is clean from any liquids and wax it before storing it.

various cleaning tools on a white wall

Making sure your items and equipment are clean before storing them is very importantEach item needs special attention before you pack and store your summer equipment. It is your job to ensure your items' safety. If you lack experience, you can always consult someone with more knowledge than you. However, ensuring the cleanliness of these items will only benefit you and the items in the long run.