Dec 1, 2023

How to pack books for storage?

How to pack books for storage?

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When you have to pack books for storage, you find out that it is not an easy job. Books represent not only your heritage but also who you are. The most important thing is that they represent us a history. No matter if it is a historical novel, part of the bigger picture or it is just a simple love novel written by an unknown woman, it is of great value to keep all of those writings. So here are some tips and a quick guide on how to use moving bins to make your history safe and sound.

Separating and packing books

You can pack books for storage in few ways. You can pack them by size, by writers, in alphabetic order, or in other categories that you find important, such as dividing children's books from others. Divide your books into one of those categories and you can start packing. When it comes to packing your books or an entire library, you should know 3 things:

  • First of all, you should be able to pack your books in the way you want but using green moving supplies is always a good option
  • Second important thing is to pack them in safe bins
  • And the third one is that those bins are firm and available to you at every moment
pile of books ready to be read do not pack for storage

When you pack books for storage make sure you are doing it in a right wayIf you have books that you do not want to keep, try out some organizations that collect books. Give them away for people and children in need.

Tips for how to pack books for storage

Place books on the side edge to protect them. You can also try combining the side edge, front or the backside, for more books to fit it. Try not to overload any of those bins. Two books are not as heavy as ten of them. You can rent moving supplies as many as you think you will need to make your books lie there comfortable.Do not pack all of your books. Maybe you will need something to read, so try not to pack the one that you haven't read already. If you are in need to pack every single one of them, place the one you haven't read already or you are planning to on the top of the bin.

woman reading a book

Leave the books you have not read on the top of the stack

Why you should choose Capital City Bins?

The good thing about the green storage bins is that you can have them in the size you need, so you don't have to think about the pages being folded in any way. You can even choose a different color for some boxes to divide them like that. If you are not going to use your books for a while, you should pick the right size of the bin so you can place them right. These moving supplies you can rent at a very reasonable price and time.Maybe the best thing about these boxes is that there are made of plastic. So in case, your books get in touch with any kind of water, they are fully protected. If you are thinking of moving books on the attic, plastic boxesare the best choice because it will be easy to remove dust from them and no rodent will be able to bite through the box. This is how you pack books for storage and ensure their safety through time.