Dec 1, 2023

How to pack bottles for a move?

How to pack bottles for a move?

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Transporting bottles requires certain safety precautions to prevent damage and breakage. Small shocks or mechanical impacts are enough to break the thin glass. Padding and the optimal condition of the transport containers are a must. Transporting sensitive items safely is not only a matter for industry and commerce, but also for private individuals. A move is imminent, and it is therefore important to pack bottles for a move so that they can still be enjoyed in their new home. While you can pack other items made of wood or plastic just like that, you should give more thought to glassware. The right choice of packaging is the key. If the glass is not sufficiently well packed, unsightly scratches may appear, cracks may appear, or the goods may break. By following tips from Capital City Bins, you can secure any type of bottle for transport during an upcoming move.

Which boxes are suitable for move

For the transport of bottles, is best to use eco friendly moving boxes. Not all models are suitable, but only sturdy versions. The walls must not yield easily but must withstand tensile and compressive forces. If you store several cartons together, the walls must not buckle. Packaging with corrugated walls offers high stability. The more corrugated layers, the better. The material itself must also be resistant. Damaged and damp cardboard boxes are not suitable. You must also be able to close the carton. If it does not have flaps, you should use a lid. In addition, you need to be able to carry the package well. Access holes on the sides of the box for transport.

Pack bottles for a move

Pack bottles for a move like a pro by using quality packing material.

Filling and protective material

Use soft paper, air pillows, or bottle sleeves to protect the contents of the package. Do not use cardboard, clay paper, and similar padding. Newsprint always proves its worth. It can be used as a filler and wrapper, for example. Bubble wrap offers even more security. The small air bubbles on the film have a cushioning effect. In addition, the films are multi-layered and bed delicate items softly and securely. It is best to use tissue paper as a buffer at the bottom of the box. This material is softer and thicker than conventional types of paper. List of useful filling and protective materials:

  • Paper/tissue paper
  • Air cushion
  • Bottle sleeves
  • Bubble wrap
  • Bubble cushions

How to properly pack bottles for a move

On the bottom of the eco moving boxes put a buffer layer, which consists of crumpled paper. Also, newsprint and tissue paper are suitable. By laying out with paper you provide soft storage of bottles. Additionally, wrap individual items in bubble wrap. Place heavy items at the bottom of the moving box. Light vessels lie in the upper area. When you pack bottles for a move it is very important to fill the empty spaces with air cushions to minimize the movement of bottles. Also, place paper between each layer of bottles to incorporate a "buffer" of sorts. Finish with a layer of paper at the end. Provide more security by transporting the carton in a larger box. Under no circumstances should you skimp on safety precautions. Large cartons can carry a weight of up to 40 pounds. Provided that the material is undamaged.

Assorted color translucent glass containers

The maximum permissible weight is indicated on the packaging. Do not exceed it and use several cartons if necessary.

Close and label the box when you pack bottles for a move

When you pack bottles for a move, closing the right moving supplies is important.To reliably close a box, you should use tape and tape the top closed so that it cannot be opened easily. Depending on how you plan to transport moving boxes, moisture or dirt could become a problem. In that case, either seal all the openings of the box with tape or bring foil to use as outer packaging. After that, you should take a marker to hand. It cannot hurt to put the words "Sensitive Cargo" or "Fragile" clearly visible on the outside. Adhesive tapes that indicate "Risk of breakage" or "Caution glass" are equally excellent for moving. Stickers or labels with special instructions can also have a similar effect. Especially in the case of a confusing move, labeling can help you identify the boxes you are looking for and make faster progress when unpacking.

Organization and packing material

In order to move, you need the appropriate packaging and filling materials. If you have moved more than once in your life, you have probably learned a thing or two along the way. A move goes significantly faster if it has been well organized beforehand. This does not only mean that you should procure helpers in time but also concerns the suitable moving supplies NYC. Packaging can be of great help here. The first thought is usually moving boxes. But in fact, there are many other packaging materials that can help you pack. Whether you need to transport glasses, bottle vases, or art supplies to your new home or ship them to your customers, you need to prepare ahead.

Woman cutting off adhesive tape from box with parcel

You should always have sufficient packaging materials on site.A move can mean real chaos. It is easy to lose focus and avoidable mistakes happen. To pack bottles for a move securely is an essential part of a move. Although it is often overlooked when there are many other jobs to be done. By using some of these tips as a basis for packing your bottles and purchasing the appropriate packing materials for packing and moving in time, you will not have to worry about damage in transit afterward. This way your planned move will also be successful. Get in touch with us today and we will supply you with quality boxes and other packing materials.