Dec 1, 2023

How to pack boxes for storage

How to pack boxes for storage

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When you are living in a small apartment, you might, after some time, start feeling the need to breathe. As you gather more and more items to your new home, you might be running out of the room. Because of this, you might find yourself anxious to do something to change this. There are a couple of ways to deal with this problem. First, you can start tossing things out. Just decide what's too much for you and deal with it. The second solution is to just get a bigger place for yourself. This can often be tough and expensive, so getting a storage unit is a possibility many people pick. And then, there comes a problem of how to pack boxes for storage. Luckily, Capital City Bins are here to help you with this! Find out more in this article!

Choose carefully when you pack boxes for storage

The first thing you need to figure out is which boxes you are actually going to use. Now, this can make or break your storage organization, so you will need to choose very carefully. If you go over the top with huge boxes, you might end up needing to unpack everything when going back through your storage unit. Choose too many small ones, and you are left with a sea of boxes you need to swim through to get to the thing you need. And let us not even mention how tough it can be to transport all these small boxes in one go!

A man carrying a lot of boxes.

The number of boxes matters.So, if you want to pack boxes for storage correctly, then you need to choose a mix of small, medium and huge boxes. The rule of the thumb you can follow is to get four small and medium ones on each large box. This way, you get a nice balance of boxes, and you will still have enough room to pack - and organize - everything.Picking a number of different size boxes is also important when packing. As you probably already know - you will want to store different items in your storage. And just like there is a number of different items going there, so you will need a number of different boxes. Simply put - not everything should go in a box. Heavy items usually go in smaller boxes, while big and lighter ones go in a large one. You cannot pack a blanket in a tiny box - and you cannot even lift a large box filled with books, right?

Do not overpack your boxes

When people pack boxes for storage, they usually tend to try and fit as much as then can inside. This is a natural thing to try to do. You are paying for that space after all, so why not try and use the most of it? Well, the main reason why you should refrain from doing so is the safety of your items. If you overpack your boxes, then you are losing on stability. When it comes to storage units, what you usually do is stack one box on the other. But if the sides are bulging out - and not remaining the squares they need to be - then the stack will collapse with ease!

Vinyls in a suitcase - be careful how you pack boxes for storage.

Try not to over-pack.In order to stop this from happening, make sure to pack just enough stuff inside each box. This needs to apply both to the top of the box as well as its sides. Another thing to think about is just how easily you will lift the box. If you put way too many things inside, then this might prove difficult to you. But, lifting heavy objects is not only difficult - it can become dangerous too! So, when you pack boxes for storage, make sure you refrain from overstuffing them!Conversely, you should also be careful not to under-pack your boxes either! This can compromise the stability of the box as well. If there isn't enough stuff inside, then a box can cave in under the pressure of other boxes - and damage the items inside. Not only that, but the items can jump around during transport, and break while still inside the box. So, to stop this, make sure you get enough packing peanuts and other packing materials and fill up the rest of the box with them. They will offer a buffer and support for your items.

Use specialty boxes as well

The final thing to consider when you pack boxes for storage is to use specialty boxes. Sometimes, for some special items, you will be able to find boxes created just for them. These boxes will fulfill your needs for said items much better than a regular cardboard or plastic box would be able to.

Ties and belts.

Escape creases with specialty boxes.Take your clothes, for example. It is perfectly normal to fold them up and pack them inside a regular box, right? Then, when you unpack everything once it is out of storage, you will just need to iron the creases up. But what if we tell you that there is a way to go around this? What if it is possible to skip the tiring ironing process altogether? If this is something you would appreciate, then wardrobe boxes are something you should look into! You can use them to prevent wrinkling or damage to pants, suits, dresses and your fancy evening attire. You just hung them in the box, and then - when the time is right - back form the box right into your closet! Talk toFinally, when you pack boxes for storage, you should try to be creative. For example, you can use the same wardrobe boxes to store different drapes and beddings - and even garden tools and garage items - in your storage! All you need to do is just think outside the box!