Dec 1, 2023

How to pack bulky items for a move?

How to pack bulky items for a move?

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Good planning and organization make effortless moving possible. Well, maybe not effortless, but as close as possible. Besides hiring professional movers and leaving yourself enough time to take care of everything, the packing process is something you need to pay special attention to. Properly packing your items will keep them safe and undamaged. There are two main factors to consider when packing – having the proper supplies and knowing how to pack, especially how to pack bulky items. If you are the eco-aware type, green moving suppliesdo exist. You will see that if you give yourself enough time and learn a few tips and tricks, packing doesn’t have to be difficult. So let’s get to it.

Start on Time

This is, possibly, the most important thing you can do for yourself. Start packing at least a few weeks in advance of the move. If you have to squeeze everything into the last few days, you will definitely be more stressed than you need to. Packing a few boxes a day will allow you to finish the job at your leisure. Your first step is to get regular packing supplies – duct tape, bubble wrap, and strong boxes. For added security and easier lift, you could consider getting plastic moving tubs. They serve the function of boxes, but are stronger and have handles for easier carrying. You will also need to use some household items – towels, blankets, and similar.

A little girl in a box looking at a piece of paper her father and mother are showing to her.

If you start on time, it will be easy to pack bulky items.

Properly Fold and Pack Bulky Items

The main issue with bulky items is just that – they take up a lot of space. However, you can minimize the space needed for items like winter clothes. You just need to fold them neatly. For smaller items, don’t fold but roll – then put them inside the bulky clothes. Once you are done, put the items in compression bags to save even more space. It may not seem like much at first, but you will be surprised at how much space you save up in the end. You can use the same method for regular items as you do when you pack bulky items. For example, fit as many pairs of socks as you can inside your shoes before you place them in a box. Anything you can think of. The goal is to minimize the space you use.

A winter sweater.

Fold your winter clothes properly and minimize the space you use.

How To Best Use Your Supplies

Before you start placing items inside of boxes, you need to prepare them first. We must stress that you will need strong boxes. The ones you borrow from a friend are unlikely to withstand the weight of heavy items. If you want to save money, you can rent reusable moving boxes. It’s cheaper and eco-friendly. Line the boxes or tubs with bubble wrap and place some towels or blankets on the bottom. This will protect your items while optimizing the space you use. Now comes one of the most important steps when you wish to pack bulky items – the heaviest ones go first. Otherwise, they can damage the items beneath. Once you have filled the boxes, secure them tightly with duct tape. Use a double layer of heavy-duty duct tape if the box is heavy. Good luck with your move.