Dec 1, 2023

How to pack clothes for moving - tips and tricks

How to pack clothes for moving - tips and tricks

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Packing is certainly the most tiring moving task since it involves so many steps. Clothes are maybe the easiest of household items, but it also requires a careful touch. Some fabrics are more delicate than others, so in order to pack clothes for moving you need to learn the most efficient and safest way to do it. This guide will show you just what tips and tricks to use.

Gather the boxes

Fortunately, clothes don't require that much packing supplies as other items. If you have saved its original packaging, now its time to find it and use it. When that isn't the case, simple cardboard boxes will suffice.However, if you plan to leave your clothes in them for some time, the plastic storage bins for moving are a much better solution. They are the best protection from the weather condition and insect that can rip holes in your clothing.Basically, you will only need a few supplies to pack your clothes for moving:

  • Cardboard boxes (or plastic bins if you plan to store it)
  • Packing paper
  • Duck tape
  • Labels and markers

Before you start packing, gather these materials. Don't worry if you purchase more since you will use them when packing the rest of the household. Surely, you can always rent moving supplies and get more quality materials for a lower price.


Take advantage of your suitcases and pack clothes for moving in them. That way you will be killing two flies with one stone, and your items will be secure.

Decluttering is the essential step to take before you pack clothes for moving

Youn should start by assessing your closet before you begin packing clothes for moving. Take a good look at your clothing, shoes, hats, bags and other accessories. Which items you no longer want or need, and which ones are worth relocating?Open your closet and take a good look at its content. Do you really wear and need all of them? There must be some pieces tuck in the bottom that you even forget about.Such items shouldn't have a place in your new home. They will only clutter it. Every great packing guide will advise you to declutter your home before the move.In order to fully assess your clothing, start by taking out the pieces that are hanging on the hangers. Take folded clothes out and place them on your bed. Basically, make your bedroom into the open closet space.

Clothes on the bed - Expect mess when you pack clothes for moving.

Lay all your clothes on the bed, and even the floor if necessary.

Sorting out the clothes

Once all your clothes are in on display, start sorting it out by functionality and seasons. Make several piles:

  • Cold weather gear - All the tick coats, winter jackets, warm sweaters, turtle necks, and other items that you wearing the autumn and winter will go on this pile.
  • Warm weather gear - Light dresses, shorts, skirts, pants and all other clothing pieces suitable for spring and summer should end up in this section.
  • Fancy clothes - This selection should contain the party, weeding, and formal events outfits. More elegant type of clothes usually is made by more delicate materials, so it will need more attention when packing.
  • House wear - This is a pile for sloppy T-shirts, pajamas, baggy sweaters and the rest of the items that you wear for sleeping and to feel comfortable in your home. At the same time, this is the type of clothes that you can get rid of most easily. Only leave the pieces that you really love to wear or that have sentimental value.
  • Unwanted items - When you are sorting out clothes by these categories, put the items that you no longer need on this pile. Later, when everything other is packed, you can revise it and sort to the things that you can sell, donate or throw away.

Your closet certainly hides some things that you do not need anymore.

Time to pack clothes for moving

Surely, placing the items with hangers in the moving box will speed up your moving process, but it will also increase the weight of your total shipment. Which is very important if you are hiring movers for your relocation.Sorting out your clothes maybe was emotionally draining, but you will be happy to know that the hardest part is behind you. Now it's left to follow these tricks pack clothes for moving easily and efficiently.

  • Fold or roll - Folding your clothes neat and tight will ensure more space in the box. Before you start, flip clothes inside out, for better protection. If you need to cramp a big pile into one box, try the rolling method. Your clothes will need ironing, but it is a great space saver. By combining these two techniques, the space-saving will be to a maximum level.
  • Use luggage instead of boxes - There's no need for spending extra money on the moving boxes when you have empty suitcases and travel bags laying around. Simply fold your clothes and place them one over the other. Put the jeans, pants, and shorts on the bottom of the suitcase, and lighter items on the top. Any empty space fills with the cotton T-shirts.
  • Wardrobe boxes -If you have items from sateen, lace or other delicate materials, wardrobe boxes can be the solution. They are tall, with handles on both sides and a hanging rack at the top. It is a great way of transporting clothes directly with hangers. Still, you should only move the most precious items in them, since these boxes are rather expensive.
  • Shoes go separately - Never pack clothes and shoes together when you pack clothes for moving. Not only that you will have less space in the boxes, but it isn't very sanitary. Packing shoes separately will prevent your clothes from getting dirty and suffering damages.