Dec 1, 2023

How to pack your dishes and glassware when moving

How to pack your dishes and glassware when moving

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Fragile items are one of the hardest to keep in one piece during the relocation. You will need a very delicate touch to pack your dishes and glassware when moving. However, with a bit more caution, right packing techniques, and these tips, you can make sure that no harm comes to your breakables.

Gather packing supplies

The first step is to determine what kind of packing materials you need to protect your valuables. To pack your dishes and glassware when moving, you will need a lot of supplies that will keep them safe during the transport.Some of the essential packing supplies to gather:

  • Sturdy moving boxes - Surely, the original packaging is always the best to pack your items in. If you don't have them, then opt for the sturdiest moving boxes that you can get. The most important feature of the box should be its durability. If you absolutely don't have to, never use second-hand boxes. Plastic bins are maybe the best solution. They aren't green, and they cost a bit more, but you can still find cheap plastic bins to pack your dishes and glassware when moving.
  • Wrappings - Plastic wrap with the bubble is the safest wrapping for your fragile items. You will also need some packing paper and paper tissues. If you wish to have an eco-friendly move, then dismiss the plastic altogether and focus on the paper wrappings.
  • Padding and cushioning - The best protective padding are styrofoam padding, packing peanuts, and polystyrene fillers. However, these supplies aren't just a bit more costly. They are also hazardous to the environment. If your moving budget is thin, then take advantage of your household items like blankets, towels, cushions, wool clothes, clots, and make a secure cushioning out of them.
  • Labels - All the moving boxes containing the fragile items need to be label adequately. Putting the big label with the writing FRAGILE or CAUTION will mark with boxes requires more careful handling.

Carefully pack your dishes and glassware when moving

Extreme caution and patience are necessary when packing these items. Since they can break easily, you will have to take your time an pack them thoroughly. When you make your packing schedule, makes sure to leave enough time for fragile items. If you rush it, your items won't be adequately protected. That is a big risk when you have a bumpy road ahead of you, especially when you're moving long distance.It will be very disappointing to open your box and find the piles of crushed glass that used to represent your best glassware.

Woman and a clock

Taking time and having patience is the most important anytime you have to pack your dishes and glassware when moving.

Start by creating cushioning

Be generous when you use the packing paper. Make about a 6-inch bed of paper on the bottom of each box. Crumbling the paper works like a charm, but folding it won't do the trick.When you crumble paper, it will provide more shock absorption.If you are using the plastic moving bins, make sure to add some padding to their bottom as well.

Packing glassware

  • Make the cushioning in the moving box
  • Use lots of packing material on both the bottom and top of the box
  • Before you place them in the box, make sure to wrap them extensively
  • Always wrap each piece individually
  • Lay the piece of glassware on the stack of wrapping paper
  • Insert some packing paper into the open end of the dish
  • Fold or tuck both sides of the paper up and over it
  • Use double wrapping for crystal and fragile glassware
  • Pack the heaviest and sturdiest glassware first
  • The most fragile glassware pack last

Packing drinkware

  • Make the soft bed of packing paper in the moving box
  • Wrap the drinkware
  • Line items side by side
  • Put packing paper in all the cracks between the items
  • Fill the empty space between the items and a moving box
  • Add more paper if you hear a clunking noise when you place items in the box (the box should be silent when you shake it)
Crystal glasses

Wrap crystal glasses in more layers.

Packing plates

  • Follow the same wrapping techniques for plates
  • Place paper between each wrapped plate
  • Pack larger and heavier plates first in the bottom of the box.
  • Durable break-resistant dishes you can wrap with less paper, but keep it at least two layers of paper
  • The wrinkled or overlapped paper provides more cushioning
  • Use more packing paper for protecting more fragile porcelain, stoneware, or fine china

While they are sturdier, plates can also break easily.

Fill the packing box to the top when you pack your dishes and glassware

  • Add the carefully wrapped items to the box
  • Stop filling the box when you reach 3 inches from the top
  • Put layers crumpled of paper on the top
  • Fill the top of your box with layers of paper (more the merrier)
  • Label your boxes to make unloading into the proper area or room easier for the movers

Should you hire professionals to pack your dishes and glassware?

If you have some costly dishes and glassware, or it just has great sentimental value to you, do consider hiring professional packers to pack your household.Dishes and glassware can be really pricey. Not to mention that they may have a high sentimental value. It surely will be a shame that the fine china that is passed from generation to generation met its end during your relocation. There's no need for this risk since you can hire professional packers to come to your rescue.Purchasing this additional service from some reliable moving company will ensure the safety of your fragile items. Professionals with years of experience will know the perfect way to protect your breakables and deliver them to your new home without a scratch.