Dec 1, 2023

How to pack food and drinks for a relocation?

How to pack food and drinks for a relocation?

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When you are moving away, you will have a lot of things to do. But mostly, plenty of things to pack. And after you finish packing your belongings and furniture, it's time for food. It is a little bit tricky to pack food and drinks when you are relocating. You need to be extra careful. Sometimes it can happen that you bought plenty of food and that there is too much to pack. And it would be terrible to throw everything away. So it is better to pack or donate. There are solutions, so if this is what you are worried about, don't be. Once you rent moving supplies for this purpose, you will see that your problem is almost fixed. Packing is challenging but manageable. With a little bit of reading tips and tricks, you will do it in no time. And you will be ready for your relocation.

Three jars wirh seeds and grains.

Learn how to pack food and drinks properly.

Before packing food and drinks, check their dates and prepare them!

A lot of times it happens that our food expires in the fridge. We forget about it, or we have too much so we can't finish in time. If before your relocation you have plenty of food, you will need to throw some things. What you need to do is to check all the expiry dates on your food products. And if you find the ones that are expiring soon, throw them away. By the time you start packing food and drinks and move away, they will expire. So why bother doing something you will end up throwing away?If you don't want to throw away your food, there is another solution for you. You can try to cook everything! Start mixing more ingredients, and cook more. If you are sure there are enough of you to eat everything. Also, it is nice if you can donate food and drinks to those in need. There are plenty of people who are hungry and need it. So, instead of throwing away or eating too much, just donate them. Once you sort what you will do with that much food, it's time to get some green moving supplies for packing!

Get all packing supplies you will need to pack food and drinks in your home

Every packing requires some supplies to do it. When you are packing drinks and food, you will need special food containers and bags.There is no need in buying them if you don't think you will need them again. Instead, just rent them. Use them until you relocate and return them. It is definitely a better option. So, in addition, to get the proper packing supplies, it would be better if you write down everything that you will need.

  • plastic containers in many different sizes and shapes
  • bags for freezer
  • cardboard boxes also in various sizes, but not the biggest ones
  • plastic bottles
  • marker, scissors, and duck tape

Once you have all the items on the list, you can start packing. If needed, secure yourself with plastic wardrobe boxes for moving, too. Chances are you are going to have your clothing neatly packed, as well.

Lots of vegetables stored in a food ontainer

You will have to pack vegetables differently than the rest of your food.

Sort out your ingredients and pack them

You are probably already aware that it's not really good to relocate food and vegetables. They rot really fast. So it's better not to pack them, but eat them instead. Firstly, you should take all the heavy food you have, such as canned ones, and put them at the bottom of one box. As you move to the top, put lighter food. You probably have plenty of jars at home with some grains, seeds, and spices. Put everything from those glass jars to plastic food containers that can be sealed. Renting plastic bins for moving is definitely the best option you could choose from. You will prevent the breakage of your jars this way. And it will be more secure.There are other things that you should change. You also probably have glass bottles with oils, sauces, and so on. Pour them into plastic bottles instead, it will be better like that. You can also do that with drinks that you have at home if they are in glass bottles. If you are worried that they will spill out during the relocation, pack them inside the plastic bag for the freezer. You can secure it with a zip tie or a rubber band.Now, when it comes to the ingredients such as flour, sugar, salt, and so on, you also need to repack them. They will be more secured in those plastic containers that can be sealed. If you don't secure them they can spill out everywhere around your box, and it will be hard to clean it. Choose boxes in smaller sizes. And you should try to divide everything. For instance, pack only spices, sauces, seeds, and grains in one box. In another, you can pack beverages. In the third one canned food and oil, and so on.

You probably wonder, what about the meat?

Same as vegetables and fruit, it's not the best solution to pack up your meat when relocating. But if you have plenty of it, and it's still okay, you can do it. When you are packing meat, you will need a portable small freezer. Without it, you won't be able to relocate it. It will get rotten. First, what you need to do is to freeze all the meat that you have. Once it's frozen completely, you can wrap it in the newspaper. After that, put the ice bags on the bottom of your freezer, and then put the meat. On the top layer put the ice again. As soon as you arrive at your new home prepare it or freeze it again. You can pack all frozen food like this.

Piece of meat on top of the ice.

Don't pack your meat if it's not completely frozen first.

Buy yourself some new kitchen utilities

Every new beginning deserves new things, too. You should buy yourself some new kitchen utilities and jars that you left behind in addition not to break them. Decorate your kitchen with some nice kitchen decoration and elements. You did a great job to pack food and drinks and you deserve to enjoy yourself in your kitchen every time you are cooking!