Dec 1, 2023

How to pack for moving with a baby

How to pack for moving with a baby

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A move usually means an improvement - finally more space or the first shared apartment. However, the change of location is also associated with effort. A move can be stressful, especially for a family with a small child or baby. Good planning makes moving with a baby easier and can make new parents feel a little more relaxed about all the tasks ahead. Capital City Bins will help you ease the process of relocation by giving you tips on how to pack for moving with a baby. Packing is half of the moving process. Therefore if you pack correctly you can significantly ease your relocation.

Plan the move ahead

Before the move, parents should sit down together and consider exactly what tasks to do. Typical pre-move tasks include cleaning out and renovating the old home. The move is a good opportunity to part with many items that you no longer need. In addition, the old apartment must be cleared out or cosmetic repairs are due. The new apartment also has to be renovated, so tasks such as wallpapering or painting the walls have to be done. So write down everything you need to do.

Pen on a calendar - to do checklist

Create your own to-do list for packing for moving with a baby.

Start packing early for moving with a baby

One of the most important moving tips is to save yourself the stress of a last-minute move. Start packing your treasures as early as possible! This way, you won't get caught up in the hustle and bustle, and you'll have a chance to pick out cheap plastic bins for moving. Also, you can pack your items safely and with an order. If you start early enough, you'll have time to declutter before moving. You can throw out unwanted items and pack your moving boxes in a way that will save you time when unpacking and help you find everything quickly. It's best to set up a schedule and pack a different part of their home each day.

Pack items one by one and in layers

It's not much fun for anyone to pack all their belongings into boxes. So, it's easy to be tempted to put items in boxes together and as quickly as possible. Don't do that! To avoid breakages, you should always pack especially fragile items individually in moving boxes. That means you'd best wrap each plate and cup individually in bubble wrap. Be especially careful with items that have parts sticking out. You should wrap the handle of a cup in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Care should also be taken with fragile items that consist of several individual parts. Wrap each part separately. This will prevent the parts from hitting each other and breaking during shipping.

Pack each box full for moving with a baby

If there is slack, your belongings will slide around as you move. So it can quickly cause damage even if at the slightest movement. You can fill small gaps with styrofoam or paper. When you pack moving boxes, you can shake your box very gently. This way you can hear if anything is still moving. If it does, just add a little more styrofoam. It's not much more work, but you can be sure that nothing will break when you move,

Moving boxes on table

Don't leave any slack in your boxes.

Keeping things tidy makes moving easier

If you pack your items neatly, it will not only help you to have more time for your baby. So make sure you don't pack items from different rooms into one reusable moving totes. This can quickly cause confusion and adds hassle and stress to your move. So, choose separate boxes for things from different rooms. You should also mark each box clearly. That way, your moving company will know right away where in your new apartment to place the moving boxes. And you can start unpacking right after the move!

Avoid stress while you pack for moving with a baby

If it is not possible to hire a babysitter, then the baby should be placed with grandparents on moving day, for example. This will save the toddler a lot of stress. You should avoid changes to the nursery so that the new nursery largely resembles the old room that girls or boys know. After all, the very young need their familiar surroundings to feel comfortably safe. The boxes with favorite toys should be within reach so that girls or boys can unpack them right away in the new home. In addition to the child's favorite things, a change of clothes, baby food, and diapers should also be available at all times. It is also possible to take the child to the new environment before the actual move and show him the living space as well as his room.

The moving day

The night before the move lay out everything you'll need on moving day and pack the last of your belongings. A baby or toddler may be overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle on that day, for that you will surely have organized a trusted person to take care of him. This person can at least go with him to the playground in between or do something else if everything becomes too much. If you have a bigger child you can involve them in the move. Include him or her in the process: he or she can watch the furniture and boxes being put in the car and carry smaller items himself or herself. If you set up the children's room in the new home first, they can conquer the new realm right away. Then it is certainly fun to unpack and put away the toys together again.

Two people managing to pack for moving with a baby

On moving day try to be calm and relaxed.Pack for moving with a baby by using only quality boxes. It will make your move much easier. Get in touch with us today and we can supply you with the best moving boxes. We wish you stress-free relocation.