Dec 1, 2023

How to pack sports equipment for a move?

How to pack sports equipment for a move?

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You have probably heard about the rumors that claim relocation is hard business. We are sorry to say that those rumors tend to be true, especially if you don't have at least some sort of moving assistance. And, the hardship tends to increase with the complexity of items you plan on moving. When you scale that math to sports equipment, what you are left with is one pretty challenging relocation task. However, not all is lost, especially when you have Capital City Bins to share some valuable advice. In this article, we will tell you all about the ways you can pack sports equipment for a move.

Before you pack sports equipment for a move, it is important to clean and sanitize them first

What is important noting before we delve into the intricacies of moving sports equipment is this - not all think of the same thing when the term 'sports equipment' is brought up. You see, people do all kinds of sports at home. And, depending on what kind of activity you like, you may have plenty of bulky and expensive equipment or a simple yoga mat. We want to say that not every item will require the same approach. So, if you find yourself struggling with any of it, we suggest that you turn to professionals.

A gym with plenty of sports equipment

If the challenge of moving sports equipment seems too much for you, don't restrain from turning to professionals.Unlike your clothes, you cannot simply put all of your equipment into reusable moving totes and be on your way. The first step in every sports equipment transportation is a thorough cleaning. You see, working out usually means sweating. This leads to dirty, smelly equipment that is full of bacteria you really have no use of nurturing. That is to say, you really don't want to bring all that into your new home. So, in order to avoid this horror scenario, make sure to wipe everything down and wash any workout clothes you are bringing with you.

Sort and purge your equipment before packing it

Another thing that needs to precede the actual packing is sorting of the items you plan on moving. Check that everything is in working order and use this opportunity to get rid of the things you no longer need. After all, why spend money on green moving supplies if you don't need so much of it for the things you will move? Besides, your relocation will be much easier if you are not lugging around sports equipment you will most likely never use again.

Ways to pack sports equipment for a move

Now, we have come to the part you are waiting for - the action. Depending on what exactly you plan on packing and moving, you will have to employ different techniques. We will now speak of the most common pieces of sports equipment, as well as the ways of packing them for relocation.

Packing free weights for the move

Free weights like dumbells, hand weights, and weight plates are really not that hard to pack. You will have to wrap each individual one in a bubble pack or packing paper for protection. Make sure to tape it well so as to prevent the material from sliding off. After doing so, simply put them in small yet sturdy boxes. You don't want to put too many though, as you don't want o risk serious injury for anyone trying to lift them. It would be wise to write on the side of the box that it is heavy. Make sure that the box itself is secure on the truck. Loose weights can wreak havoc you don't really want to deal with on the day of your relocation. When it comes to heavier weights, you can forget about boxes, and simply secure them individually on the truck after wrapping them.

Dumbbells on a rack

Great for exercise and simple for relocation, dumbbells really have no flaw.

Handling an elliptical

As ellipticals have a pretty unique shape, they can be considered tricky for transport. So, your best bet is to make them less unique in shape by disassembling them. Remove the legs and pedals. After that, unscrew the nuts and bolts, making sure to wrap and pack each part individually. Keep all the nuts and bolts together and clearly label the bag that holds them.

Preparing a treadmill for relocation

Different treadmills need to be packed differently, so the best thing you can do is follow the instructions from the manual that comes with your model. Still, if you cannot find it, here are some general steps you can follow:

  • set the incline to zero, and remove the safety key
  • unplug the treadmill
  • fold the walking deck forward until it clicks into its place
  • either tighten the know to secure it, or insert the locking pin (depending on your model of the treadmill)
  • wrap moving blankets around the treadmill to prepare it for transportation

Treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of sports equipment these days, and many households own one. However, due to their heavy and bulky nature, they are also one of the most difficult pieces of equipment you will have to deal with.

A man running on a treadmill

Treadmills are super popular for exercising and super hard for relocation.

Moving an exercise bench

After treadmills, you will be glad to hear that exercise benches are rather easy to pack. You can treat them like you would any other piece of furniture, really. Simply wrap them in moving blankets, and use furniture sliders or dollies to load them onto the moving vehicle.

Addressing various sporting goods

Lastly, for those of you who don't own a home gym, but still have some smaller items of other sports equipment around the house, here is some advice. If you own skates, rollerblades, skis, yoga mats, or anything similar, you will also have to prepare them for the move. The process is much simpler than with all the previously mentioned items. Make sure to clean all of the items you plan on moving, and only then pack them in specialized bags or boxes they came in. You want to ensure they are safely tucked onto the moving truck, having both the place and position that will ensure minimal movement during transport. That is pretty much everything you should know when you pack sports equipment for a move.