Dec 1, 2023

How to pack your art collection for long distance move

How to pack your art collection for long distance move

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Whatever you do, do not forget to give your values ​​a serious TLC when moving to a new home. Although it is easy to fall into the trap of moving, these special items should be in the spotlight before starting packing. Moving art, mirrors, antiques, and other fragile souvenirs can be tricky. Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to pack your art collection for long distance move.For these particularly valuable items, it is best to hire a professional moving company that will deal with packing and transportation. If you decide to complete the packing partially or completely and move on your own, you will need to take special precautions so that everything is safe. Below we have included materials, instructions, and tips for successfully packing and moving your art, antiques and other valuables.

Walls with paintings

With these tips, packing your art collection for long distance move will be an easy task

Artworks, framed prints and mirrors

Whatever you do, do not try to move your art or mirrors without proper packing materials. This will be of great importance to prevent scratches or damage to objects. There are green box rentals where you can find everything you might need.

How to pack them?

First, find some large, heavy-duty picture boxes that are large enough to accommodate your artwork, framed prints, and mirrors. If you saved the original boxes in which the items arrived, we recommend using them. You can also purchase telescopic boxes, which you can use to pack mirrors, art objects, and other flat rectangular objects. Boxes are usually delivered in a two-piece set and are combined into one long box. They should be able to better accommodate large works of art. If the work of art is especially large, we suggest finding a box of a suitable size for storing the item.Further, we highly recommend wrapping your art and mirrors in glassine, instead of the usual plastic packaging. Glassine is a smooth paper that is famous for its resistance to air, water, and grease. This should properly protect anything from damaging art, print or glass. Glassine is not difficult to find, and you can usually buy it by the roll. It is the best material to pack your art collection for long distance move.After you secure glassine with tape, it's time to use some packing paper. Fold your artwork and mirrors several times in packing paper and secure them with packing tape. We recommend wrapping the packing paper around the subject at least twice to provide adequate protective cushioning.When moving, the corners of framed art and mirrors are especially vulnerable to scratches and dents. For this reason, it is important to surround these parts with protective corners. Such as corner foam protection panels or cardboard protective corners. If you feel that the item needs additional protection, it will not hurt you to wrap it with a moving blanket.


Antiques are often valuable and indispensable for their owners: from perfectly crafted porcelain plates to inherited mahogany furniture. They can also cost a lot of money - not to mention the fact that they have sentimental value. For these reasons, it is especially important to handle these items and move them with the utmost care. Although we strongly recommend hiring professional packers for this job, we know that this may not be an option for everyone. Fortunately, these instructions should help you complete the task yourself.

Old books

And with them, you should be able to pack your antiques without a problem

How should you pack it?

Firstly, we recommend taking note of your entire inventory - in case something gets damaged while moving. Take photos, take notes, and be sure you properly document everything. In addition, we suggest checking to see if antiques are covered by your home insurance policy. If not, then it might not be a bad idea to purchase antique and collectible insurance.If you are carrying heavy antique furniture, call several friends and family to help. Do not attempt to lift heavy pieces yourself. You run the risk of scratching, staining and damaging antiques, which in turn will reduce their value. If the furniture is large and you can safely take it apart, we suggest you do that first.When all the parts are ready, wrap the antiques in as much wrapping paper as possible and secure it with tape. Then apply another layer of protection to furniture or household items with moving blankets and secure them with tape.After wrapping in paper and moving blankets, we highly recommend putting these values ​​in a wooden box. These moving crates are usually custom made. If you cannot find a wooden box, we suggest using another strong outer layer, such as large eco friendly moving boxes. Adding this outer layer of protection to your antiques will help a lot during the transportation phase. Crates and boxes will surely reduce the impact of rough roads and prevent things from scattering inside the truck.When loading and unloading antiques, make sure you have a few extra sets of hands. The last thing you want to do is drop or smash your antiques by picking it up in a truck.

Moving truck

Since they can easily break during the transport, it is really important to properly pack your art collection for long distance move

Hiring professional movers to pack your art collection for long distance move

Of course, the best way to pack your art collection for long distance move is to hire professionals for the job. Fortunately, there are many movers and moving companies that specialize in packing and handling these very things. Usually, moving companies have a license and insurance, which means that your move will certainly be in safe hands.