Dec 1, 2023

How to pack your bathroom with ease

How to pack your bathroom with ease

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The part of the move most people dread is packing. You can't avoid it as it's the central part of your relocation. You need to get enough boxes, categorize your things and put everything in boxes. It's not a fun activity, but it's an inevitable part of the move. Packing a smaller room like the bathroom is a little bit easier, but the steps you need to take basically stay the same. There are things you could do to make this process easier and less time-consuming. So, you can start looking for the best plastic containers for moving and slowly prepare for the packing process. Here's how to pack your bathroom with ease and without worrying.

Get rid of things to pack your bathroom with ease

The first step before you start packing should be decluttering. As you probably want to reduce the amount of stuff you need to pack, you should get rid of everything you don't need. Go through your shampoos, conditioners and other cosmetics. Figure out if there's any empty bottles, expired products or products you know you don't need anymore. Throw away everything you don't want to bring to your new house. This way you'll be able to pack your bathroom much easier.

Make a plan and categorize to pack your bathroom with ease

Making a good plan is a great start to the packing process. You should write down everything you need to do and everything you need to pack. Also, write a list of things you need to get. You can either buy or rent packing supplies, but you should write down the things you need either way. If you make a doable plan, it will help you stay organized and on top of your game. Follow the plan as best as you can, but don't worry if some unexpected things come up. You should remain flexible and be able to adapt to different situations. So, if you want to pack your bathroom with ease, make to-do lists and inventory lists.

A man writing a plan in a notebook.

Making a good packing plan is a full-proof way for easily packing your bathroom. Stay organized and focused on everything you need to do.Once you have a plan, you can start categorizing your things. Group your belongings and get a rough idea of how you're going to pack them. You can separate them into groups based on their use, importance, their spilling potential and how hazardous they are.

How to pack your bathroom with ease

Packing your bathroom is similar to packing any other room. However, there are some things in your bathrooms that can be a little bit more difficult when it comes to packing. Bulky towels, liquids, cosmetics and electronics aren't the easiest things to pack. Don't worry though, packing your bathroom with ease is possible despite these things. Keep in mind that the best time to start packing is a few weeks before the move, no matter how easy it seems.

Save space when packing towels

A stack of yellow and orange towels. A way to pack your bathroom with ease is to use your towels for wrapping things

If you want to pack your bathroom with ease, think about using your towels to wrap fragile items. That way, you'll protect your things and save some space at the same time.Depending on how many towels you own, they can take up quite a bit of space in your boxes or suitcases. As towels are pretty bulky, they are not the best for packing. But, there's a way to use the towels when you're packing and make sure they are useful and not a nuisance. Use your towels to wrap things in them. You don't need to get a bunch of newspapers to wrap your fragile items. You can put your towels to use. By doing this, you are avoiding the issue of the lack of space and you're making the most of what you own.

Pack liquids into plastic bags

Liquids can be tricky to pack because they are a little bit hazardous. You never know when a bottle can open in the moving truck and spill everywhere. The last thing you need when you're moving is getting shampoo all over your things. In order to avoid packing mistakes like not preventing spillage and damage, you should pack all of the liquids into plastic bags. That way, even if something spills, it won't harm any other items you've packed. You can also remove the cap of the bottle, apply a plastic bag to the bottleneck and then close the bottle again. This will act as extra security and it will definitely prevent spillage. Even if you're trying to pack your bathroom with ease, you should think about the safety of your belongings.

How to pack electronics

A woman in a bathrobe drying her hair.

Electronics like hairdryers are a bit trickier to pack, but that doesn't mean you can't still pack your bathroom easily.Packing electronics might seem intimidating because of all the cables, but don't worry. Even if you have lots of electronic devices, like hairdryers, straighteners and trimmers, you can still easily pack your bathroom. If you can, find the original packaging of your electronic devices. That is the best way to keep your electronics safe during the move. However, if you don't have the original packaging, get a cardboard box that is of the appropriate size. Don't get a box that's too big because you don't want your devices to move around and break inside of it.

The last step of packing your bathroom: labeling your boxes

Just like all the other boxes, you should make sure to label the boxes that contain things from the bathroom. Write what lies in each box so that you can unpack easier. It's also good to know what's inside the boxes when you're loading the truck. So, it is easy to pack your bathroom, but make sure to finish off with labeling the boxes.In conclusion, if you want to pack your bathroom with ease, you should make a plan and try to stick to it. Think about the best ways to pack some more challenging items and make sure your things are secure.