Dec 1, 2023

How to pack your belongings for shipping?

How to pack your belongings for shipping?

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Getting ready to move abroad calls for plenty of action. You will be quick to realize that the lack of time is a constant struggle and that the sheer amount of tasks can feel overwhelming at times. With this in mind, it is great to have a checklist handy and start with as much time as possible in order to ensure smooth sailing for your relocation. Finally, a little preparation will go a long way, especially when you have to pack your belongings for shipping. And that is just the part Capital City Bins will help you with through the following article.

The process of packing your belongings for shipping

One of the first things you ought to keep in mind is that hiring professional packers to help you out is a smart thing to do. Apart from knowing doing this job better than you, they will know just how to efficiently fill all those extra spaces, and thus keep your shipping costs down.

A man who knows how to pack your belongings for shipping, packing a box.

If you are uncertain whether your skills and knowledge are up to the task, it would be best that you ask professionals to pack your goods for shipping.Still, if you are adamant about doing this on your own, we will help out as much as we can. For one, you can rely on us for quality plastic moving tubs that will keep your items safe and sound during transportation. But, before we get to that part, let's see how you ought to start this process.

The beginning of this process

You might not know that it can take several weeks for your belongings to move overland or overseas. So, you want to make sure to work with an appropriate time buffer, as well as personally transport anything you will need the first few days after your arrival. You see, delays are not that rare. With this in mind, you don't want your overall experience to depend on your items arriving exactly on time. That is why it is smart to plan for not living with most of your things for a while.

Items you will need to pack your belongings for shipping

The packing materials you opt for are directly responsible for the safety of your goods. It is with that in mind that you should make sure to acquire large plastic moving boxes that are of the highest quality. And, strong, appropriate sized boxesare just the first on this list. When packing your goods for the move, make sure to get:

  • generous amounts of crumpled packing paper in layers. You want to wrap each piece individually inside and out.
  • bubble wrap. Wrap items in it separately.
  • quality packing tape, with which you will double-seal the boxes that do not have a lid. Make sure to clearly label them as 'fragile'.

This is how you will pack your belongings for shipping

Packing fragile belongings, mirrors, and paintings

  1. Start by choosing an appropriately sized box that will have just enough room for the item, as well as some for cushioning materials.
  2. Line the outside edges of the item with crushed paper
  3. Wrap the entire piece completely in bubble wrap, taping it so that the protection does not move
  4. Fill any gaps that are left inside the box around the item using crushed or padded paper

When we are speaking of larger furniture pieces, you want to make sure to disassemble what allows for such action. This will allow for easier and safer transportation. Any wooden parts ought to be protected with bubble wrap, so as to avoid any damage during transportation.

A man holding apiece of a broken mirror.

If you don't want this to happen to your mirrors, make sure to pack them properly, as you would all other fragile items.

Packing electronics and appliances

Before you delve into this action, make sure that the electronics you plan on transporting are compatible with the voltage output in your new location. After all, there is no point in shipping something you cannot use. While transformers and plug adaptors are an option, they can sometimes be expensive or simply unavailable. Now, for the packing process:

  • It would be best that you use original packaging whenever possible. If this is not an option, try to find a close-fitting, strong-sided box instead.
  • Make sure to pack flat screens in standing positions.
  • See that you cover every screen with a piece of cloth, thus preventing any scratches from occurring.
  • Wrap the items in heavy-duty bubble wrap, further taping them to prevent any slipping off.
  • Stuff empty spaces inside the box with linen or clothing

Packing your clothing for shipping

Make sure to consider the seasons and climate differences you will be exposed to at your new location before you start packing your clothes for shipping. For one, you might not need the fleece-lined jacket or your whole collection of flip-flops. If there are seasonal clothes you won't be using, consider leaving them with family members, so that you can have them on hand when coming for a visit. As for packing, we suggest that you vacuum pack soft items like bedding and clothes to save space. This will lower your shipping costs, as you won't need as many boxes.

T-shirts on a rack.

Chances are you won't be needing as many t-shits if you are moving to Norway.

Consider hiring assistance

As this is quite an endeavor to take on, do not restrain from looking for assistance. After all, that is why professional movers extend their services in the first place. In order to pack your belongings for shipping, you will need to allocate both time, nerves, and money. And, when you hire movers to do it, it is only the latter that will have to be sacrificed. However, once you consider that your precious hours and energy will be saved for other important matters, you will see that it is definitely worth the money. Whatever you decide to do, in the end, just make sure to start as early as possible. Even if you plan on making some changes to the original plan, you will give yourself enough time to handle it all.