Dec 1, 2023

How to pack your computer for a move?

How to pack your computer for a move?

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In today's world, living without technology and the internet seems impossible. Everything from business, dating, meeting new people and having fun happen online. Especially now, in the time of pandemic where even schools are held online. For these reasons, technology became very important to many people and they must arrive in perfect condition after the move. As many computers and laptops can be pretty pricey, getting even slight damage to them can be a big blow to your wallet. When you are to pack your computer for the move, you must pack it properly. So start gathering moving supplies from Capital City Bins and get ready with these packing tips.

What packing supplies you need to get when you want to pack your computer for a move

For the packing supplies, they don’t differ much from the packing supplies you would use for the rest of the items. As plastic moving boxes are waterproof, it better to get them for your computer than the cardboard box. For the other supplies, you will need bubble wrapping, packing tape, permanent marker, paper padding, moving blankets, packing paper, and a laptop bag if it's needed. When you are preparing for the move, it is a dilemma if you should buy or rent packing materials. Packing materials you can buy online or in the hardware store. However, if you want to rent them, you can find them at your moving company. Renting them at a moving company is perhaps a better idea because movers will know how much you will need.

A laptop on the table.

Make sure to protect your computer well.

What to do next after you get all the packing materials

Before you start dissembling your computer, make sure you have all data saved in an external hard drive or a cloud drive. Next step, before disconnecting cables, you can take a picture of them for later easier set up. Disassemble your computer, disconnect all cables and cords and roll them individually and secure them with a twist-tie. This way, you will prevent them from tangling or damage. After you have all cables and cords secured with a twist-tie, you can put them in a zip-top bag individually. If it is too much for you to get that many bags, you can group them by the place on the computer. Remember to label bags properly, so you can later find the proper place for them. You can use tips from packing a small device for the move when it comes to packing cables and cords.

Computer cords.

Secure the cords well in order not to lose them.

How to pack your computer in the moving boxes

  • Find a proper sized box and make a cushion from packing paper for your computer
  • With a bubble wrap cover the computer and secure everything with a moving tape
  • Repeat this step for the monitor, the keyboard, mouse, speakers
  • First, put the secured computer in the box then monitor with the screen facing an inside wall of the box
  • Fill any space and the top of the tower and monitor with crumpled packing paper or bundles of bubble wrap
  • Secure the moving box with a moving tape and write “Computer,” “Fragile,” and “This Side Up” on the box

Finally, it's time to put the computer in the moving box. These were the few final steps on how to pack your computer for a move. We hope you succeed.