Dec 1, 2023

How to pack your fragile items

How to pack your fragile items

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The best way to protect your items is to hire professional packers for that task. While it's a costly service, it is worth every penny. Still, your moving budget may not allow you this kind of help. If that's the case, there's no point to stretch your budget more than you can handle. While the packing service makes every relocation easier, you can pack your fragile items by yourself safely, if you use some tips and tricks.

Pack your fragile items last

You should start to pack your fragile items when all your other household items are already in the moving boxes. Still, make sure that you have enough time to do it properly. Packing breakable items will require much more delicate touch, patience and time than packing other items.


Don't let the time beats you.It can even be twice longer, so make sure that you set a realistic packing schedule. That is why it's best to leave it for the end. If you start with packing your fragile items first, the time will fly. Before you know it, moving day is just around the corner, and you still have most of your items to pack. Time pressure can cause you a lot of stress, so don't let that happen.Organizing time for packing your breakables, starting to plan your relocation early, and making a bulletproof packing schedule is crucial for the successful move.

There can't be too much cushioning

When wrapping your breakables, use many layers of protective materials. You should also line the bottom of the boxes holding the items and make sure that there aren't any gaps. Pack your fragile items as tightly as you can into moving boxes so that they can't shift and bump into one another during the transport.No matter what kind of cushioning and wrapping you're using, the quantity is essential. The more protective layers you wrap around your fragile item, the safer it will be.

Use the quality boxes to pack your fragile items

You can put a dozen layers of protective wrapping around your fragile thing; it doesn't mean much if the box holding it isn't suitable for moving. The moving boxes have to be sturdy and resilient. Purchasing quality boxes isn't very costly, and it will keep your items safer.Using the old boxes should be your last resort when you have to pack fragile items. While they can be useful for packing clothes, linings, pillows, and blankets, they aren't very safe for delicate items. If you have to use them, make sure to tape their bottom and make them a bit sturdier.

Cardboard box with a big fragile label on it

Cardboard boxes can be damaged in transportation, putting your fragile items in jeopardy.When you have valuable and breakable items, think about investing in some special containers. Ask your movers if they can provide you with some, or advise you where to get them. Your reliable movers will also help you assess how many special containers you will need for your fragile valuables and which size to pick.

Prepare for packing

Before you start to pack, gather all the packing supplies you'll need. Place them together in one easily reachable place. Don't start to pack before you have all the necessary supplies. If you have to interrupt your packing process to gather packing supplies, it will prolong it endlessly. Not to mention that you'll be losing your focus every time you have to make a trip to the store for some packing material that you forget to get-

Label that says "fragile" - you should always put this label when you pack your fragile items

Use big, red letters.Keep similar types of items together appropriately when you pack your fragile items not only that you'll have a better sense on where did you pack what, but it will also cut off the time of unpacking. Wrap each item in layers of protective material and place it in the box with cushioning. Fill each space between the box and your item with proper padding. When you're sure that your item can't shift in the box, seal it.Be sure to label your boxes properly and put the big "FRAGILE" writing on them.

Items that need extra attention

Your glass vases, crystal chandeliers, fine china, and other breakables aren't the only items that need special care. You have to asses your belongings and determine which one should be treated like fragile items also. While it may not seem that way, some household items are very delicate.


Hot-tubes are very difficult to move.Pay attention to the following items that need extra care when packing:

  • Musical instruments - These items are susceptible to humidity and temperature changes. They require special packing so they can endure the changing conditions during the move. Also, if you have big musical instruments like piano, you may consider hiring piano movers. It's the best ways to relocate such a bulky, but a very delicate instrument.
  • Fine art - If you have these items in your household, make sure that your movers have experience and knowledge on how to handle them properly. These items aren't just fragile but often very valuable, so they require special moving methods.
  • Hot tubs - If you’re moving a hot tub to your new home, your movers should give you information for specific handling and shipping instructions of such items. Movers that have experience with moving these items will be the best for the job of relocation your hot-tub.

Consult an expert

If you're hiring a moving company for your relocation than you have the best assistance for every step of the way. Reliable and reputable movers put their customers first, so they will gladly help you with any issue that you have. Ask them to advise you how to pack your fragile items. That will make your items safer, but also make the mover's job easier.When you properly pack and label the breakables, your movers will know which boxes need to be handled with the utmost care. That will diminish the chances that something will break in the transport, which will be beneficial no just to you, but also for the company's reputation.