Dec 1, 2023

How to pack your kitchen when moving in a hurry?

How to pack your kitchen when moving in a hurry?

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Nothing sounds stressful as moving on short notice. There are so many different things you need to cover and take care of. We know exactly what you're going through. When moving, the biggest part of your relocation is definitely packing. That's why we wanted to make sure your moving process goes as smoothly as possible. Therefore, Capital City Bins is here to help you pack like a professional without wasting any of your time and money. On the other hand, we are here to tell you some interesting tips on how to pack your kitchen when moving in a hurry. We believe you will find them quite handy.

Pack your kitchen like a pro when moving

To begin with, packing a kitchen goes a bit differently than other parts of your house. That's because there are so many details you need to address. Starting from kitchen appliances to disassembling your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Therefore, you should start packing your kitchen among the last rooms. Anyway, if you have no time but need to get these things done as soon as possible, you need to organize well. Not to mention the fact that you will need quality moving supplies which are very important for every relocation. We will see how you can prepare to move your kitchen like a pro.

Kitchen with all its appliances hanging there

Packing a kitchen can be a tedious process.Here are some general guidelines when packing a kitchen without hurry and pressure:

  • Organize your packing process months ahead
  • Buy quality packing supplies
  • Get rid of appliances you don't need
  • Use protective papers and materials

Packing a kitchen when having time is good but how to pack your kitchen when moving in a hurry?

Even though you might lack time, you still need to organize and prepare for your move in some way. You can't just randomly pack things and leave without any plan. You are not a nomad (or are you?). Anyway, you need to think things through. Packing a kitchen when moving in a hurry still requires some planning. There is a small window for planning, but there is. You should focus on using reusable plastic moving boxes, disassembling, and hiring last-minute help in order to get things done.Here are some ways to organize your kitchen relocation when in a hurry:

  • Gather all the packing supplies you have and use old boxes - Even though we don't recommend using old boxes or the ones you find for free, make sure you act quickly.
  • Declutter your kitchen quickly - You should definitely think fast about what you don't want to bring. Actually, there are a lot of things you will never use again (let's face it, you didn't really use them while living in your old home either).
  • Call in someone to help you - You should get in touch with either friends, family, or professionals to help you pack your kitchen when moving in a hurry.
  • Don't think through, just pack - This doesn't mean you should shut your brain off. Make sure you pack things as efficiently as possible.
  • Ask your movers to handle some things - Let your movers take care of certain items such as disassembling. They will do it much quicker.

Get ready to move in a hurry

When you're about to pack your kitchen when moving in a hurry, there is more than just the kitchen to address. Therefore, make sure you do your best to pack everything up before you actually move. Definitely, the best way to relocate quickly is to get rid of all unnecessary items as soon as you find out you're moving. Therefore, visit a local charity and drop off your old belongings. Just make sure you don't hand out things that are broken or torn apart. It's not fair to give away things that are apart.

Alarm clock with person shutting it off

When planning a move in a hurry, you need to use your time wiselyA thing that is becoming a bigger trend nowadays is using green moving supplies during the packing process. That is actually a great thing because that's one great way to preserve the environment. There are several things to take care of when moving in a hurry. First of all, you need to take care of your valuables and find a way to always keep them close to you. Next, make sure you pack your essentials moving bag you will keep close to you at all times. That bag should contain some basic things that will help you go through your day. This means it should consist of tissues, wet wipes, water bottles, snacks, dry food, and most importantly, a first aid kit.

Preparing for relocation like a pro

As we said, packing your kitchen when moving in a hurry requires you to think outside of the box, literally. Therefore, you need to do your best to prepare well no matter what. Although you will probably lack time to prepare well like other people who have more time, it doesn't matter. Make sure you do your best to organize at least some logistic parts of your kitchen packing process. That will truly make your moving process, in general, a lot easier. Therefore, keep these previously mentioned things in mind. Also, being the early bird is essential. Therefore, make sure you wake up early in the morning in order to prepare everything on time for your moving day.

Man covered in moving boxes

Make sure you use the most of the time you get to prepare for relocation

In conclusion

Once you pack up and get moving, it's time to learn how to settle in like a pro. Remember - packing and moving are not the entirety of your moving process. You still have a lot to go. For instance, you still need to unpack once you relocate. Therefore, make sure you learn how to plan your unpacking process in advance. If you didn't have time to plan your packing process, at least consider planning out your unpacking process. Anyway, you see that it's not that hard to pack your kitchen when moving in a hurry. All it takes is some creative and fast thinking. The rest will settle on its own. All in all, good luck and contact us if you need any additional help.