Dec 1, 2023

How to pack your leather clothes for storage?

How to pack your leather clothes for storage?

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If you want to pack your leather clothes for storage, there are some things you should know. Because leather is very delicate to handle and you have to be careful with it. Capital City Bins will provide you with the right supplies for the job. So you can pack your things and secure them for your storage. It's important to take extra care to protect the goods, especially if you will be storing them for a significant period of time. That is why you have to prepare well to protect your leather things.

Tips that will help you pack your leather clothes for storage

Let's face it, leather is really difficult to handle. You have to take extra amount of care in order not to damage it. You should get plastic wardrobe boxes for moving so you can store them securely. That way they won't damage during the transportation and within the storage unit.

Clothes hanging on a rail.

Instead of hanging your clothes, you should consider folding before you pack your leather clothes for storageHere are some tips that will help you with your leather clothes:

  • Do not wrap it in plastic if you want to pack your leather clothes for storage - Plastic will trap the moisture and it can melt in high temperatures. That is why you should always use acid-free paper to protect it from condensation and humidity, and place the goods into boxes.
  • Fold your leather stuff, don't hang them - You should avoid hanging the jackets for long periods of time can cause them to lose their shape, stretch or crack. That is why plastic storage bins for moving are more effective. Just fold your leather coats, jackets and place them in the box.
  • Use climate controlled storage units - In case you are putting your clothes for the next fall or winter season, the storage units must be climate controlled. High temperatures and humidity can cause serious damage to your leather.

Get the right moving supplies

This one is really important since you want to keep your stuff secured and undamaged. That is why the right green moving supplies are a must. Acid free paper is going to keep your leather items safe. Avoid plastic bags, since they will trap the moisture which can seriously damage your belongings.

Opened cardboard box to pack your leather clothes for storage

It is important that your leather clothes breathe within the box or container you are using.You should also get some type of breathable container or bag. The important thing as that the air should pass through it. You can get specialized containers, or create a breathable bag by just poking holes in it. The choice is yours, depending of course on your budget. The both ways will help you protect your leather clothes. Reliable movers will help you transport your items to the storage. If you don't have the time to do it on your own. You can pack your leather clothes for storage and they will be undamaged. You just have to consider using the right supplies that will keep them safe. Also make sure that your storage is able to be climate controlled. No matter if you are renting a storage or using a spare room for it.