Dec 1, 2023

How to pack your linens for relocation?

How to pack your linens for relocation?

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Packing linens is one of the easier tasks you will have if you are moving your home. However, there are still certain basics you should hold on to in order to make the whole process run smoothly and efficiently. Moving is a difficult undertaking, so you should make sure that the simpler tasks get done quickly and easily. Otherwise, the move can quickly become a headache. On the other hand, if you rent moving supplies, hire professional movers, and learn a few tips and tricks, moving can be a breeze. Here is how to pack your linens for relocation quickly and efficiently.

Why is packing linens properly important?

You may presume that just because linens are not fragile items, it’s not important how you pack them. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. First off, if you don’t pack your linens for relocation properly, they will take up unnecessary space. Why get 5 moving storage bins if the linens can fit in 2 or 3 if packed properly? Second, linens can get damaged during the move, especially if they sit in storage. Moisture and insects can easily damage your linens if you are not careful, forcing you to spend money to replace them. The best option is to protect them beforehand.

A box sitting on a bed.

Despite what some people think, it is important how you pack your linens for relocation.

When to pack them?

You should try to leave packing your linens for the very end. You’ll need to use your bedding, blankets, and towels until the very day of the move, so packing them last comes naturally. However, if you have extra towels or other types of cloth, you can use them as packing material and include them with the other items. Using them as a filling to protect your fragile items will save you space and a bit of money if you don’t have to buy packing filling. Other than that, you should be able to pack your linens the morning of the move without too much trouble.

Categorize before you pack your linens for relocation

Categorizing your linens by size is one of the most important parts of packing. After all, why use more boxes than necessary if you can sort them by size? When you are buying or renting moving supplies, make sure you get multiple sizes of eco friendly moving boxes. Large linens, like blankets, should go in one large box to optimize the usage of space. You can fill the leftover space with smaller pieces, but make sure that a larger one can’t fit first. For smaller items, you should use smaller boxes. The size of the move factors into the price, so you will save money by categorizing properly and conserving space.

A man who is giving a good example on how to pack your linens for relocation.

Categorizing your linens before packing will save space.

Packing linens

Once you have decided what goes in which box, the packing is rather straightforward. Line the bottom of the boxes with packing paper for protection. Then, fold each item tightly and place it in the box, making sure to press down and release any trapped air. You can also get vacuum storage bags – they do an excellent job of compressing your items and saving space. Combining vacuum bags and cheap plastic bins for moving can save you a decent chunk of money if you are packing a lot of stuff. Finally, secure the box with duct tape and you’re done. See, it’s not that hard to pack your linens for relocation. Just be careful when you lift the boxes, as tightly packed linens can be deceptively heavy.