Dec 1, 2023

How to pack your living room for a move?

How to pack your living room for a move?

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It is time to pack your living room for a move. The living room is, in most houses, the heart of the home. Most of your daily activities you spend in your living room. Have a look at your living room and think about which things can be packed up first. There are certainly still things that you can dispose of or that you can donate. Be sure to plan enough time. Don't end up rushing because the first movers are already knocking on the door. You can expect half a day to a full day per room. It depends on how many things are hiding in your drawers. Have in mind that the furniture you can transport lasts. Capital City Bins reminds you to think about moving supplies that you will need before you start packing.

How to pack your books

If you love books you will bring them with you. The living room is not special without them. When you pack your living room for a move you need to think about how to move your books as easily as possible. The best way to do it is to pack them in plastic packing boxes for moving. It is important that you line them with plastic to prevent moisture from entering in case of rain. The moving boxes should not weigh more than 30 Ibs. If the boxes are too heavy, on the one hand, the risk of back damage to the movers is very high, as well as the risk of someone dropping a box. Therefore, one layer of books is enough for one box. On top of it, you can put some lighter material so that you do not waste space.

Person holding a book

You can use special moving supplies to pack your books.

Packing furniture

Even before the move is due, the furniture should be ready for transport. Therefore, you should have all the moving supplies you need for packing the furniture in advance and also prepare the furniture itself accordingly. In terms of packing materials, you should have cardboard, upholstery film, tape, painter's masking tape, and of course, scissors. Before picking the furniture, clear our living room completely. Before moving, you should carefully look at what furniture you will transport and how. Furniture is best disassembled into its individual parts. However, if the staircase is large enough, this is often not necessary. First, measure the furniture and then check the transport route down to the moving van. Secure drawers with adhesive tape during transport. But remember, in the new apartment, the furniture may have to be carried through a stairwell again. If it does not fit there, it will be annoying and stressful.

Avoid common moving mistakes while you pack your living room for a move

It is important to have the right moving supplies. Incorrect packing material can make your move even more difficult. Newsprint is usually available in large quantities. However, it is only suitable to a limited extent as packing material, as the printing ink of the type stains in the event of increased pressure or moisture. Therefore, to protect fragile items from sliding back and forth during the move, packing paper, towels, socks, and comforter covers are more recommended as a stuffing material. Sturdy boxes do not tear so quickly and thus save a lot of trouble. Moving boxes should be made of at least two layers of corrugated cardboard. For heavy books, bulky files, or fragile glasses you should get special boxes that are designed so that the transported goods safely reach the new apartment.

Pack your living room for a move

Be careful, too many different box sizes make it difficult to load the moving truck efficiently.

Move plants with care

Depending on the season, plants need special protection when changing their own four walls. They will be transported in the moving truck at the end. If you are moving during winter, have in mind that plants do not like to stand for hours in the freezing cold. For very sensitive specimens like orchids, this is not enough. Absorbent cotton wraps additionally warm the flowers. If you are moving during summer, water abundantly beforehand is very important. Medium-sized plants can be conveniently transported in eco moving boxes in this way they give each other support. Leaves of large and bulky specimens simply tie upwards. Spines of cacti are a thorn in the side of all helpers. Bubble wrap helps to defuse them accordingly. Corks or Styrofoam plugs render long leaves with sharp tips harmless.

Boxes and other moving supplies for packing your living room for a move

Moving boxes and moving supplies play a crucial part when you pack your living room for a move. The moving boxes can be expensive. However, you do not have to pay a lot of money for them because you can always find cheap moving boxes. It is delivered to you as a stack and makes packing dishes, vases, etc. much easier. Place the stack of paper on a table and wrap each fragile piece quickly and easily. Cardboard boxes are bulky. Even if you do not pack them heavily, you cannot carry more than two at a time. With a dolly, on the other hand, you can stack boxes and thus transport several at once. You can find a large selection of transport carts online, some of which are even foldable and can thus be stored in the new home.

Man with cardboard boxes while packing belongings

Pack your living room for moving using the best moving supplies.After you pack your living room for a move, you can invite your friend and family for a movie night or organize a small party. In the end, home is not made just of things it is made of love and care you put into it. Contact us and we can help you to relocate more easily by providing you with the best moving supplies.