Dec 1, 2023

How to pack your nursery for relocation?

How to pack your nursery for relocation?

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Preparing a nursery for your child must be the happiest moment in life. The joy from decorating the room with the cutest items is priceless. However, that joy will turn to despair when you need to pack your nursery for relocation. The nursery is often the most overstuffed room in the home, with countless toys, baby clothes, storybooks, and etc. The sheer number of nursery items already sounds intimidating, not to mention the size of green moving supplies you will need. Additionally, moving with a child, especially with a baby, is more difficult than a regular move. In this type of move, the hardest part is packing. However, with good organization and preparation, you will pack your nursery in no time.

Get your supplies on time when you need to pack your nursery for relocation

Every parent goes through the newborn checklist when preparing a nursery for the first time. For this reason, the nursery is filled with many different types of items, like toys, clothes, diapers, and so on. To cut down the size of your packing items, you should declutter before packing. It's not easy to get rid of baby stuff, but you can declutter items like overgrown clothes and broken or unused toys. This will help you to get fewer moving supplies and save some money. When it comes to moving supplies, you must be extra careful when you need to pack your nursery. You need to get moving boxes that are water-proof and crash-proof. The best solution for you is plastic moving totes. This type of moving supplies will offer the best protection for your baby's items through the move.

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Get enough packing supplies for all the baby toys and items.

How to do the actual packing?

When you have a baby, it's very important to keep everything clean that comes in contact with your baby. To keep items clean during the move, you should line moving storage bins with paper or plastic wrap. With this method of packing, your items will have extra protection from dust and dirt. After you put items in boxes, you should cover them with another extra layer for protection. When packing a nursery, the biggest obstacle is time. To get everything packed on time, you should include your entire family in the moving process. You can task your older children to pack toys or school supplies. If you have a baby, every help is more than welcome. The best help you can get is from the moving company itself.

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Talk with your movers regarding the baby crib.

How to pack a crib?

When you pack your nursery for relocation, the last thing left to pack is a baby crib. Here are a few steps for easier packing.

  • Consult with your movers, First, ask your movers if they have enough space in the moving truck to fit the whole crib or if you need to disassemble first.
  • Remove the crib mattress, blankets, pillows, sheets, bumper first
  • Unscrew the bolts and disassemble
  • Wrap each cribs leg separately so they don’t get damage
  • Pack mattress in mattress box and all the beddings in separate boxes

Therefore, make sure you get everything right in order to make things easier for yourself, before all else. Pack your nursery for relocation quickly and properly with these tips and you will be ready to go.