Dec 1, 2023

How to pack your silk clothes for storage?

How to pack your silk clothes for storage?

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You no longer need to worry about the challenging tasks when it comes to packing and organizing your moving process. With our premium plastic moving bins and green storage bins, this is no longer a concern.

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Whether it is a beautiful silk blouse or some other silk piece of clothing, you will agree that it suits your skin perfectly. material on your skin. Especially while moving, your wardrobe may quickly become small for your needs. In that case, you should consider how topack your silk clothes for storage accordingly. Also, you will maybe need to hire a moving bin rental company that can help you with your silk placing issue.

A woman in front of the wardrobe

Your wardrobe sometimes can be too small, so think about the alternatives

Before you pack your silk clothes for storage make sure to wash them

There are a lot of reasons why you should wash the clothesbefore putting them into a storage unit. All of the sweat and body smells that are on your soiled clothing can lead to damage and are very attractive to insects. To clean your silk you need to fill the kitchen sink with cold water. Then, add a few drops of liquid laundry soap for silk use. Gently rub the items with your fingers. Rinse it off, and eliminate the excess liquid amount. When it is completely dry, it is okay to store it. You should always clean your clothes before putting them into a storage unit.

Silk friendly moving supplies to choose from

As you probably already know, you should not cover silk in plastics because it needs to "breathe". However, feel free to use plastic wardrobe boxes for moving for placing your silk items. Here is the list of all the moving supplies you can use:

  • eco-friendly wardrobe boxes
  • moving bins
  • storage bins
Young man holding a plastic box

Plastic boxes are practical if you want to pack your silk clothes for storage

Use eco friendly boxes when packing your silk clothes for storage

When you think about all the moving supplies people usually use during the move, it is scary how it is damaging the environment. In times when we are actively fighting to save our planet, it is important that we all help. Not only we are helping our customers move and store their belongings, but we want to change the world too. That is why we have created eco-friendly moving boxes.

Plastic moving bins can be a great option

As we mentioned, green moving supplies can be extremely useful for your moving process. They are made from recycled plastic and they are reusable. Meaning that after the move, you can use them for storing your items. Or you can pass them on to your family and friends further. They are strong and dust and water-resistant. They are more simple to use and faster to load. It is easier to transport them. Also, they are one of the most economical moving supplies.

Choose from a variety of storage bins

Before you enter the buying storage bins process you need to know their types. They can be made of cardboard or plastic. Both are ok, depending on what you need. However, what is even more important are their shapes and sizes. What we offer are standard sizes-small, large and medium. Then, we offer custom crates, mirror and mattress boxes, wardrobe boxes, etc.The packing process is the most challenging part of the moving process. You should make a perfect packing plan before you pack your silk clothes for storage. It can prove to be tricky, but you should follow some basic rules and the process will be done in no time.