Dec 1, 2023

How to pack your things for green storage unit

How to pack your things for green storage unit

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People nowadays live fast lives so there is no room for some consideration of our planet. We should all be aware of the climate changes that are happening right now and do something about it. After all, we all live in it so we should all change our habits in order to help our planet. The first part of helping is going green on storages. Yes, it is a little but it is also a start! We would like to present you some tips on how to pack your things for green storage unit!


Supplies are very important for the move and storage so we should start here. In order to relocate your stuff, you will have to pack your things for green storage unit. You should properly pack all your belongings in order for them to last in your storage. If you want to have a green storage unit, there are some supplies that you should use. The good thing is that if you can't provide them, you can always rent moving supplies from a moving company that is stationed near you. You should include:

  • Cardboard boxes- The good thing about them is that you can always use them. They are good for your green storage unit so do not hesitate using them. They are very good for putting something in them which you do not use very often. If you store something in your cardboard box, it is always a good thing to label the content of the box. This way you will find whatever you need in a blink of an eye.
  • Plastic containers- The use of plastic containers is on the rise. It is much more grateful that cardboard boxes due to its durability. The bad thing is that you may not find it very easily depending on your location but there is always the light on the end of a tunnel. Call local moving companies and rent the best plastic containers for moving which you can use as a storage in your unit.
  • Packing paper- We all live in a world where the money rules, right? So, if something is cheaper, it usually has less quality and vice versa. But in this case, this does not apply. The good thing about packing paper is that it is cheap enough for you to get it and good enough to when you have to store your stuff in your green storage unit. You can always use it to cover anything that you do not want to get dirty inside your storage unit like musical instruments etc.
Cardboard boxes are good to pack your things for green storage unit

It is important what you use as packing material!

What you should avoid?

There are some things that you should avoid if you want to pack your things for green storage unit. We all know that some materials are not ecologically good, so you should definitely avoid them. Also, some things you just can't store inside your storage unit. For example, you can't store any flammable thing. After all, you want to create a green storage unit where all there will be eco-friendly.

That is not the most eco-friendly thing to do

Do not store anything flammable!

How to pack your things for green storage unit?

When you want to pack your things for green storage unit, it can be somewhat difficult. Why? Because you have to consider the environment and most of the stuff people use are not eco-friendly. The are many ways on how to pack storage unit but it is a little different when it is a green storage unit.When packing personal belongings like clothes, there is not that much you need to know. You can just put your clothes inside your plastic containers a leave them like that because they can usually be closed from above. This way they will be protected. When you want to store things that have to be wrapped, consider avoiding bubble wraps as a wrapping material. It is made of plastic, so it is not the perfect choice when packing for your storage unit. As we said before, use the packing paper. It will protect your items as well as bubble wrapper.The same thing applies when you want to store your old furniture. The only problem that you can have is that your furniture is big enough that it can't fit in your storage unit. If something like this happens, you will have to consider disassembling it.

It is important how to do that if you want to turn your storage unit green

Pack your things for storage like a pro!

What about kitchen appliances?

There is one common mistake among people when storing things like refrigerators. The important thing you have to know is that the inside of the refrigerator is wet, even if it does not seem like it. If you want to go green and avoid mold as you first neighborhood, you should leave the door open. Not wide open but just a little so that mold can't become your enemy number one. When something like this happens, you have to clean it thoroughly because mold can appear on your other stuff. Have this tip in mind when packing home appliances for a green storage unit.


The planet is suffering because of us. We are the only reason for the climate changes and we are the only ones that can do something about it. If we do not do something, we will all face terrible changes. So why do not we start with the basic things like storage units? In order to do that, you have to know how to pack your things for green storage unit. But why stop there? We should also keep our moving as green as possible. Only this way we can say that we actually do something for this planet.The first thing you should know is that you should avoid materials that are not eco-friendly. Yes, we said that you should use plastic containers but they are not that big deal like plastic bubble wrapping materials and covers. The second thing is that you should make your storage unit green itself. This includes using eco-friendly light bulbs, using solar panels, etc. After you have done all this, try to expand the list of your eco-friendly activities. Let's save the planet!