Dec 1, 2023

How to pick the best relocation package for your move?

How to pick the best relocation package for your move?

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To relocate for work is one of the best reasons a person could relocate. Oftentimes, the company that you will work for will offer to cover your relocation expenses for you. However, there are several ways to do so. So, how to pick the best relocation package for your move, and how to know which one that is? Lucky for you, that is exactly what we will be talking about today. Now, relocation is one thing, but making sure that your items are safe during transport is another. To have your items arrive safely and in proper containers, consider contacting Capital City Bins to provide you with them. Knowing that you have adequate containers that will provide protection to the valuable items you are moving is very important and can make or break your relocation experience. As stress is almost always present when moving, using proper containers will reduce it.

How should you pick the best relocation package for your move?

Before we talk about relocation packages, we have to know what they are. Basically, a relocation package is something an employer offers to an employee when a deal is made that the employee moves to work for the company. In this case, the company is the one who will take care of most, if not all, of the expenses in order to relocate their future employee. This is mostly done so that the employee does not suffer large costs from the relocation process. From transporting your items to obtaining plastic moving totes, the employer will ensure that the employee has what it takes to safely relocate.

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The best way to get proper information about the offers is to communicate with your future employerHowever, you should know that relocation packages are quite subjective and therefore, cannot be pinned down as precise or always true. Many companies have different ways in which they operate and condone business.

The importance of knowing what your relocation package includes

There are many things a relocation package can include. However, knowing which of them are in there is very important. Granted, companies should provide their future employee with everything it needs to relocate properly. Some of the most important things to find in the package are:

  • Packing services/Packing supplies
  • Moving company and insurance coverage
  • Temporary housing of the employee
  • Paying for the auto travel costs
  • Helping the employee sell their home
  • At least one house-hunting trip paid

So, if you are, for example, leaving NYC for a new job, you need to be sure that the company you are going to work for has your back. In most cases, when a company reaches an employee that is in a remote location, they will offer some sort of compensation or reimbursement for the journey. The company shows it cares and the employee is happy to relocate because of it.

If you are going to pick the best relocation package for you, you need to know what they are

Employee relocation packages come in various forms. Each of these forms provides the employee with a specific reimbursement or compensation. Some of them offer full compensation, while others do not.

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If you are going to move for a job, you need to pick the best relocation packageSo, before you decide to organize an interstate move on your own, you will need to know how to choose the best relocation package for you. To know what package is best for you, we are going to explain them to you, in short terms. That way, you can know what to expect when the employer offers them to you.

Lump-sum package

With this type of package, the company provides the employee with a certain amount of money. Then the employee must decide on what relocation services they want to spend that money on. The important thing to point out is that the money the employee receives from the employer needs to be spent on the relocation process and nothing else.

Compensation or reimbursement

When under this relocation package, the employee takes all the expenses for themselves. However, upon arrival, the employer will refund or compensate for all the money the employee spent during the move.

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The employer is due to repay you for all the money you spent that you have receipts forMore importantly, the employee should always keep all of the receipts with them. This is so the employee can prove that they spent money on a specific service.

Third-party relocation

In most cases, under this package, the company is the one that organizes the relocation process for the employee. Under the third-party relocation, the company arranges the moving company, as well as the following services the employee needs. More importantly, by doing so, the employer does not interfere with the relocation process beyond the point of arranging the move.

Direct billing

Now, this type of relocation package is a sort of a combination of lump-sum and reimbursement packages. Basically, the employee is the one that organizes the relocation process but the expenses are being directly charged to the company. This way, the employee hires services and companies they need and the company directly pays for those services. Under this package, the company will always be aware of the expenses the employee made. Furthermore, this directly reduces the risk of any scams or fraudulent activities between the two.

Which package will be best for you?

This all depends really. The best way to pick the best relocation package for your type of situation is to communicate with your employer. They can tell you what they feel is best and you can agree or negotiate. Pinpointing "the best" package is really hard as they all come in handy depending on the situation both parties are in. Nonetheless, you should always pay attention to what the package is and what services it contains. Make sure you are fully aware of all the perks you get and what methods can be used to relocate you to your new home.