Dec 1, 2023

How to protect your breakable items during packing

How to protect your breakable items during packing

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If you look around your home, you will see that the most valuable items are fragile. It's like there is some unwritten rule, the more precious items, the easier is to break. When they are just standing in one place, the chances of breaking is minimal. However, when packing and moving, the chances of damaging these items are rapidly increasing. Even if you have the most trusted movers in the world, with these kinds of items, it's best if you do the packing. You don’t want to see family porcelain or figurine from once upon the trip, to break before your eyes. To avoid this unfortunate incident, it's not enough just to arrange these items in eco moving boxes. There are a few smart moves to take when you want to protect your breakable items during packing.

Preparation is a way to protect your breakable items

Before the start of any packing, you first need to identify breakable items. Breakable items don’t only include plates and glasses, but also lampshades, liquor bottles, mirrors, stereo & audio equipment. The artwork also can be potentially breakable, as well as vintage items. For this reason and a more sentimental one, packing your vintage items for relocation deserves special care. Along with recognizing breakable items, also pay attention to their number, size, and shape. After making a list of breakable items, the next step is to find appropriate packing material. Cardboard boxes are not the best option in this situation as they are not sturdy enough. Instead of them, you should get plastic packing boxes for moving as they offer more security. Besides these boxes, also get the following. Packing tape, packing paper, plastic, zipper-locked bags, pliable cardboard, scissors, labels or permanent markers, bubble wrap

three figurines

Protect your collection properly.

How to prepare different types of items

The most common problem is how to pack dishes as they come in different shapes and sizes. You need to wrap every plate and bowls with bubble wrapping separately. After this step, place them vertically in the small or medium-sized plastic boxes. Leave the space between them and put extra bubble wrapping, blankets, or newspaper. Maybe it sounds like a boring and long job, but it can help with reducing anxiety. It’s almost the same steps for the cups. First, you need to also wrap each glass in paper. For cups, there is a slight inconvenience as you need to get cardboard dividers. With these dividers, your cups will be securely nestled in the boxes and ready for the move. You also need to take special care when preparing a computer for the move.

colorful plates

Make sure to protect your plates when moving.

How to pack larger fragile items for the move

When you want to protect your breakable items that are also large, you should do similar steps as for the smaller ones. For the pictures, frames, and mirrors, wrap them individually in packing paper, put them in the right-sized box with crumpled paper in between them. The most important step with breakable items is to use bubble wrapping or packing paper. Find sturdy boxes, secure them with packing tape, and write with a black marker 'fragile' on the box.