Dec 1, 2023

How to protect your possessions when moving

How to protect your possessions when moving

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Whether you are about to move your home or your office, one thing in common: you want to protect your possessions when moving. If you are not very experienced with the art of packing, we will give you some much-needed ideas. It may seem easy, but there are some tips and trick you will find helpful. One of them is to rent reusable moving boxes.

Prepare first

Preparation is half of the job, and this is so very true. The same applies to your relocation. How to protect your possessions when moving is just one of the things to think about. Take some time to organize first. When it comes to organization, the best idea is to make some lists. You don’t have to write down all your belongings for moving, but making some categories will come in handy. You can check our ultimate packing checklist to get some ideas.

a women using laptop

Take some time to organize.

Protect your possessions when moving.

Only a well-packed item is a safe one. So make sure to get needed packing materials for all your belongings. It is very clear that you won’t be able to pack the same bulk furniture as some fragile pieces. But some things are common for most of the items. Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper will be useful for the majority of things. Do not save on quality when it comes to packing. You should never use bin bags for your moving supplies.

Packing green

Whenever possible, we suggest you stay sustainable and responsible. Nowadays, you have access to green moving supplies. Plastic boxes can be eco-friendly. You can order them easily and even reuse or give them to someone who can benefit from them.

Don’t overpack to protect your possessions when moving.

This is one of the most common mistakes. You want to protect your possessions when moving and do that right. And then mess it all up with overloading boxes. We tend to think that the process will be easier with a smaller number of boxes. But when they are overpacked, things push too hard one another and the damage is more likely to happen. Or even worse, something can fall out of it and break. And that is the last thing you want to.

Packing fragile items

Not all objects ask for the same amount of care. Fragile items require some extra love and attention. You have to pack them well. If you saved original boxes for them – this is the time to use them again. Also, you should use some extra material and check is there some extra space when you put them in the boxes. If so, add some more packing paper. That will prevent objects from moving and potentially damaging them.

man packing - protect your possessions when moving

Protect your possessions when moving.

Use labels to protect your possessions when moving

Using labels is another way to protect your possessions when moving. Labels will be so helpful in a moving process. You can use them to mark the room where items belong to. That will help you a ton when unpacking comes in turn. Fragile items need every possible precaution and a label is one of them for sure. When you pack some small items, you should put them in a separate paper bag and then write down on a box all the content of it.

Get help for big bulk pieces

When it comes to packing and moving larger items, you should have help. Pianos, wardrobes, sofas, or big dining tables are not a job for one person. The more people can help – the better it is. Without it, your beloved things can be scratched or even completely broken. Ask for help from your friends, but have in mind that some bulky items will need some equipment to be moved.

Keep your favorite items with yourself

If you have some especially precious items, maybe it is the best choice to put them all in one box and leave it for the end. The moving process can be messy and you probably have some things you never want to be lost. Photographs, important documents, and tax reports don’t ask for a lot of space. Losing them can make damage, which is far higher than the financial one. So keep them close during your relocation and do not let anyone else move them except yourself.

Pictures and mirrors

Pictures and mirrors need additional support during transit. Tape a big X sign across the glass of your mirrors and across paintings. That way, you’ll protect them from shattering. This way, the frame will remain strengthened and additionally secured. If you can find packing boxes that fit the shape of your mirrors and paintings, use that as extra help. This will wipe your worries off and help you to have safe and calm relocation.

framed mirrors on the wall

Mirrors and paintings need additional support.

Insurance - protect your possessions when moving

Yes, it does cost extra, but you don’t want damaged items in your new location. Insurance is another great option to protect your possessions when moving. If this is a completely new subject for you, ask your home insurance agent about possibilities and to give you some offers. Especially valuable items always need special coverage. Take some time to learn about how to stay safe if something goes wrong. When it comes to insurance, no one regrets getting it. But many regretted they didn't.

You’ve got this

Exhale, now you have some idea what’s dealing with. We gave you glimpses of the ways you can protect your possessions when moving. You can choose from those ideas and use only those that work the best for you. Have in mind that every relocation is different and you are in charge of how you’ll make it happen. Do not feel overwhelmed, just take some time to dedicate to this transition and all that requires. Just go one step at a time and at your own pace. Don’t add stress. Make list and cross one thing at a time. That will give you a feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence and help you get through the process. You’ve got this!