Dec 1, 2023

How to protect your possessions while redecorating?

How to protect your possessions while redecorating?

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Once in a while, your home needs a new coat of paint and some freshen-up. Maybe you like seasonal decoration and are getting ready for the summer. Another scenario would be you doing a touch-up on your kitchen cabinets. These cosmetic changes might not be serious construction projects but still will leave you a pretty mess. To avoid getting your furniture or other belongings caught in the cloud of dust, you need to make some adjustments. We can show you how to protect your possessions while redecorating. You don’t need to do anything drastic or anything that requires a budget on its own. Remember that remodeling always comes with some risks, and to avoid something you will regret later on, you need to plan ahead.

The first thing to do is take down your artwork and all your decoration

If you think of painting your interior walls, you should first take down any pictures, artwork, or family photos off your walls.To protect them from getting damaged by paint or other factors, you can put them in a box. Don’t forget to label the box correctly, so you know later on what is what. All other pieces of decoration, from your shelves and your wall, also need to go. A good option would be to put them in plastic storage bins for moving. These bins are large enough to accommodate quite a lot of your seasonal and other decorations. On the other hand, they are made from sturdy plastic and will offer maximum protection. Such plastic bins or boxes would be great options for anyone trying to put all their décor in one place.

two people painting walls

Prepare for painting your interior walls by figuring out how to protect your possessions while redecorating

It would help if you moved your furniture to the center of the room

Painting your walls is the most basic way of giving your place a fresh look. Even though you can do a straightforward process even on your own, you should pay attention. Keep in mind that painting is a messy job, and even some professionals leave a mess when they are done.To avoid regretting it later on, you need to protect your belongings while redecorating. You cannot put everything in plastic moving bins and transfer it to the other room. Some items like your furniture are heavy and oversize and cannot be moved so quickly. An excellent way to get this issue resolved is to use plastic sheets and cover all your furniture. Remember to haul everything to the center of the room so the painters can work around the wall and not get the furniture dirty.

man putting masking tape

Use masking tape and dustsheet to protect your floors, rugs, wall corners and door knobsWhen you move your furniture to the middle of the room, you will do a great deal to protect it. But what about your floor? Or your carpet? You can roll up your carpet and move it to another room. To save your floors, opt for a dustsheet from wall to wall. Such plastic dustsheet can be bought in a lot of places and is easy to come by. It is an inexpensive way to cover your floor with a non-slippery plastic sheet. In combination with masking tape, these two will be your perfect allies in protecting your belongings while redecorating.

Where space is an issue, consider using short term storage

There are a lot of situations where you would love to have some more space. Nothing makes you want more space like remodeling your home. Suddenly, you will feel all cramped up with all your stuff laying around all the wrong places. It would be best if you thought of ways to keep your possessions safe while redecorating. An excellent option would be to opt for plastic box rental and get all that stuff laying around, tightly packed and labeled. If you don’t have space to keep all the boxes and bins, it is time to think about short-term storage.

woman searching for ways how to protect your possessions while redecorating

Don't get flustered by all the clutter. Rent plastic storage bins and opt for off-site short-term storage to make your home organizedShort-term storage is a good option for anyone who doesn’t know where and how to store their seasonal decoration. Sometimes people have too many Christmas lights or too many ornaments to keep in their apartment. If that happens, short-term storage is a great way to declutter and keep your place organized at affordable prices. Suppose you have a lot of stuff that you would need to transfer to a storage facility, you should consider buying some green moving supplies and getting your decluttering project on the way. If most of your seasonal decoration is put to storage, you will have ample space to make new designs and redecorate how you prefer. If you cannot store your belongings off-site in a storage facility, you can choose portable storage. You can put a portable storage container in your yard, load it with your possessions and lock it. After you finish redecorating the inside, it is easy to bring all the stuff back into the house. The only thing to remember is to lock it properly to avoid someone stealing all your belongings.

Final tips on how to protect your possessions while redecorating

Doing home renovations is stressful enough without having to think about the security of your belongings. You want all your stuff to be safe and sound while you work on your project. To avoid paint spillage, furniture damage, theft, or other things that come to mind, you should plan ahead. A good plan is half the job. Plan how to protect your possessions while redecorating. Whether it is short-term storage or putting your furniture all in one room, there is no universal way. It would help if you did what best suits your current situation – space-wise, time-wise, and money-wise. Whatever method you choose, try to keep things organized and protected, so you don’t have to do additional work when you finish redecorating.