Dec 1, 2023

How to Recycle Packaging Materials

How to Recycle Packaging Materials

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The whole point of protective packaging supplies is to protect our things by absorbing knocks and bumps. That's why they are made from sturdy and resilient materials, which makes it more difficult to recycle packaging materials correctly. Still, why it may take some effort from your side, some tips will help you to dispose of the packing materials in a safe and eco-friendly way.

Why is so important to recycle packaging materials?

Packaging materials are great for protecting our items but are very hazardous to the environment. Since they are designed to provide soft cushioning, water resistance and protection from the elements, they aren't biodegradable. That it's crucial to recycle packaging materials properly, when you're relocating, ask your movers can they recycle the moving packaging for you? Many reliable moving companies will gladly take this choir off your back.Most packing supplies are made of plastic and styrofoam, which are the main contaminators. In these days, the importance of recycling has never been greater. We're facing with the trash islands, ocean pollution, and climate changes, so every individual should do it's best to diminish its carbon footprint.Even if you're not really "green" in your everyday life, when you have many packaging, you should be responsible and recycle it properly. It may take some effort, but you'll be doing the big service for your environment.

Benefits of recycling packaging materials:

  • Conserve natural resources - Recycling allows that metal, plastic and glass items can be used over and over again. Those diminish the need for exploitation of the new resources.
  • Creates more jobs - Recycling is a huge industry that needs a lot of manpower. The more people are recycling; the more job opportunities are opening within this industry.
  • Cash benefits - Recycling is not all about being charitable, or the big companies won't do it. Most governments give financial benefits to those who recycle. When you take the aluminum cans or glass bottles to the recycling plant, it is possible to get a cash benefit in return.
  • Helping the economy - When a country has good recycling power, it doesn't have to exploit its natural resources as much. Also, the recycling industry is a big employer. When the unemployment rate gets lower, the economy gets a boost.
  • Reduce the emission of harmful gases - Recycling save energy, which results in less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Personal satisfaction - When you recycle packaging material, you'll feel good because you know that you did something to protect the environment that you're living in. It maybe seems like a small step, but if everybody walks by those footsteps, the world will be a much cleaner and greener place. Every effort to recycle has a bit positive impact.

How to recycle packaging materials with plastic bubbles

Plastic wrap with bubbles is the most widely protective material. Not only that is the best way to protect your things, but it is also fun and relaxing. A few can resist popping the bubbles after unpacking. Still, many wonders if this wrapping even recyclable. Good news is that it is since it's plastic. Just in a bit different form. That means that you can just put it in the trash bin with other plastic items from your home.However, there's a catch - you have to check your local recycling regulation. Some local councils don't accept plastic wrap with bubbles like plastic. If that's the case in your municipality, you should take this packaging material to your local recycling site for proper disposal.

Plastic wrap with bubbles

Check does your recycle center can process these materials.On the other hand, it's a different story with envelopes that are lined with plastic wrap with bubbles. If you're using them to move small, fragile items like earrings or miniature glass figurines, you should know that these envelopes cannot be recycled in its original form. You can, however, separate the envelope and the wrapping and recycle it separately.

Is packaging foam recyclable?

This type of packing material can cause you some difficulties. Unfortunately, this material is tough to recycle. In some areas, that isn't even an option since. Not all recycling centers can handle or process this material. Still, there are some that do, but it may mean that you will have to drive a bit longer. Maybe even to the nearby city.

Packaging foam

Packing foam is made of polystyrene, which is very hazardous to the environment and hard to recycle.By all means, first, check in your local area to find out what options are available to you. Your local recycling center will give the best opportunity for recycling this packaging material.It is vital that you do because foam packaging is very harmful to the environment. If it is a big hassle to do, it's better to save it. The foam packaging can be very useful in a home since you can use it over and over again.

Are packing peanuts equally difficult to recycle?

Small, but strong packing peanuts provide excellent protection while being incredibly lightweight. Still, since they are made from similar materials to standard foam packaging, that makes its recycling very difficult.If you don't want to search for the recycling sites that can handle this type of material, it's better to use the eco-friendly option, to begin with. There are new types of biodegradable packing peanuts that have the same protective abilities, but the much better impact on the environment.

Packing peanuts - If you used it, recycle packaging materials of this sort.

Foam packing peanuts will keep your things safe, and pollute the earth if you don't recycle them properly.

What about the packing paper?

Packing paper is great for packing, wrapping, protecting or presenting. It is excellent for the environment also because it's 100% recyclable. No matter how strong or sturdy packing paper is, it is very easy to recycle.If you're already separating your trash regularly (which is mandatory in many states), you can put it in your trash can for paper. There' no need for a trip to the local recycling site.