Dec 1, 2023

How to reduce waste and get rid of trash after you move

How to reduce waste and get rid of trash after you move

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There are many things on your mind when you are moving a house. You might be thinking about the new place, filled with excitement or dread. Or, you might be scared about all that packing you will need to do, wondering about plastic moving tubs that you need to get for this to work! Then there is paperwork and bills and moving companies, and so many little things in between. That's why it's no wonder how being eco-friendly often ends up on the bottom of the priority lists for many people. But this is an important thing. You need to try to reduce waste and get rid of trash after you move - and in a way that will not hurt the planet. Not sure about how to do it? Read this article and find out!

Start planning before you move

In order to reduce waste and get rid of trash after you move, you will need to start planning before the move arrives. Unfortunately, keeping green is not something you can do easily. It doesn't mean only getting eco friendly moving boxes - although they are beneficial for the move! This is why so much planning beforehand is a must! You can manage your waste with great ease if you control just goes what into your packing. So pick the packing materials wisely and be smart about decluttering.

man planning

Put everything down on paper to plan for your move!

Pick good packing materials to reduce waste and get rid of trash after you move

The first way in which you can have a green move is to pick the right packing materials. Packing takes a while, and a lot of stuff goes into it. From the boxes and bins you are using to all sorts of different padding, there is a lot of waste you will have to deal with! This is why it is very important to jump ahead of it and reduce waste by getting green moving supplies.First, you will want to cut back on just how much of the materials you are using for packing. We already mentioned using plastic tubs. These are sturdy and amazing for stacking, and you can use them again later on. Even better, you can come to us and rent your perfect bins from us! We will figure out exactly what type of bins - and how many of them - you need for your move, and thus make it even easier for you!When it comes to the padding, again, you should try using something you can use again. For example, fabrics and clothes can serve as a great cushion for your items. All you need to do is just wash them up after the move! You can also consider materials you can recycle easily, like strings, newspaper, recyclable air pillows band bubble pack.

Don't forget to declutter!

The second thing to do before you move is to try and reduce the number of things you want movers to transport. This usually means you will have to declutter your items. Simply go through each room and sort out the things you won't need. Then, decide whether you will want to donate them, sell them or throw them away. This way, you reduce the amount of packing materials you are using and thus going far to reduce waste and get rid of trash after you move.

Ways to reduce waste and get rid of trash after you move

When you are packing for a move, it can sometimes be hard to figure out just how much padding or material you are using. After all, they come in rolls or big bags! You don't realize all that's on your hands until you need to unpack everything back into your new home! Only then will you be faced with a sea of paper, bubble pack as well as boxes. How to deal with them? By keeping organized!


Organize carefully!

Organize yourself well to have a green move!

Before you even reach for the first box to unpack, you will want to know exactly each of the things inside will go. This includes the items as well as the materials used to pack and secure these! This is the level of organization you need to have if you want to reduce waste and get rid of trash after you move! Doing that is easy, though! Just set up your recycling and waste bins near where you are unpacking. Have one for the materials you can use again - whether you will keep them or donate them is up to you. Others should be trash.When it comes to the group of bins designated for trash, you still need to keep the recycling protocols in mind! Have a bin for cardboard, paper, plastics, biodegradables and one for garbage. This way, the moment you unpack one box, you can put the packing materials into their bin. As you unpack, you will be reducing your waste and trash - which is a win-win situation!

How to get rid of everything after the move?

Finally, there comes the question of actually taking all of these packing supplies out of your home. It is simple enough - those that are recyclable or garbage will be picked up by the services (depending on where you moved - make sure you check what to do with them in the local government). If there is a lot of waste, you might need to wait for the bulk collection day, and get rid of it then. Keep in mind that when you are living in a building, you need to be considerate of your neighbors! But what happens to the things that you can reuse?

trash truck

Be considerate of your garbage collection service.Well, they might be the biggest problem when you want to reduce waste and get rid of trash after you move. This is because people often don't know what to do with them. However, it is very simple! Just donate or resell them! There are websites that do this for you, or you can post an add on social media! Once you are done, you are ready for life in your new, green home!