Dec 1, 2023

How to reduce waste when relocating?

How to reduce waste when relocating?

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Moving is a multidimensional feat made from a couple of different layers. Layers people mostly focus on are packing and transporting belongings. It's reasonable why they are largely focused on as they have the biggest roles in moving. However, you should not forget about things that come with moving and that’s moving supplies that could become waste. A lot of things from moving can become waste such as large plastic moving boxes, cardboard boxes, or bubble wrap. It's very important to be a good strategist and prevent waste to accumulate during the move. There are ways to reduce waste when relocating and save some much-needed money. Don’t look at this like another unwanted task you must do but rather as a small contribution to keep the planet clean. Here are a few tips you can take for reducing waste when moving.

What can you do to reduce waste when relocating

When you are planning to move, it's normal to wish everything passes would end well and for that, you need the best plastic containers for moving. However, before you start acquiring moving supplies, you should do a very profound declutter of your items. With this process, you will not just save money and time, but also make additional space in a new home and reduce waste. You should recycle, donate, or sell your unwanted items. With the smaller size of your items, you will be needing a smaller number of moving boxes. It's simple math where everyone wins, you with smaller costs and ecology with less waste. However, for this win-win situation, you should know how to assess the number of boxes you will need. Don’t go overboard and get too many boxes that will only become waste later.

cardboard boxes

You should know how to properly recycle cardboard boxes

Instead of buying moving supplies, you should rent or use things you already have

When you are preparing for the move, you should consider renting moving supplies instead of buying them. An even better solution is to rent green moving boxes for the complete eco-friendly move. Cardboard boxes may be sound like a good option as they are recyclable. However, if they get wet during the move, recycling is no longer an option. Another good option is to look around your house and see what can be used as moving supplies. You can use suitcases to pack some of your items. They are also practical for transporting heavy items as they can be wheeled instead of carried. You can use newspaper, towels, blankets to wrap fragile items and fill in empty spaces in the boxes. Being creative will help you to reduce stress from moving.

person carrying apples

You can use tote bags for packing

The best things to do is to recycle

Recycling is a great way to reduce waste when relocating. Here are a few things you can recycle and other options for your moving supplies.

  • Recycle - you can recycle cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper.
  • Reuse - if you cant recycle things like bubble wrap, you reuse it later when you ship gifts to your family.
  • Donate to your friends - if you know someone who is moving soon, you should give your moving supplies to other people