Dec 1, 2023

How to relax after moving to NYC

How to relax after moving to NYC

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Relocating to NYC might be a stressful endeavor, one you need to unwind after. Luckily, there are many great ways to relax after moving to NYC and you just need to choose the right one for you. But in order to do so, you need to make sure that your items are in their proper places. An easy way to do it is to utilize plastic bins for some of your belongings. This will enable you to know where everything is, at a glance, and stacking them will create more space in your apartment. You can procure these handy containers from Capital City Bins, at an affordable price. Once all is in order, it is time to consider how best to relax. In this article, we are going to provide you with several surefire ways to make yourself comfortable and prepare for the challenges ahead of you.

What are the best ways to relax after moving to NYC?

Here are our top picks for relaxing in your new neighborhood:

  • Make some popcorn and have a movie night with your family
  • Treat yourself to some good and expensive take out
  • A good walk will help you relax after moving to NYC
  • A power nap is always a good idea
  • One of the ways to relax after moving to NYC - Go to the mall
  • Read some good book or enjoy your favorite music
  • Relax your body - Get a massage!

Of course, these are just suggestions. Feel free to incorporate some or all of them into your relaxation period. And if you get a great idea from reading about our suggestions, even better!

family time, watching a movie

Watching movies together with your family is one of the best ways to relax.

Make some popcorn and have a movie night with your family

To start things off, we are going to recommend something traditional. Recline in your new furniture and simply enjoy several good movies with all of your family. Make some popcorn because they really go hand-in-hand with movies, to give you that cinematic feel. This is something that you can do as soon as you arrive at your new home. You deserve a night off, after all, and spending it together with your family is always a good idea. You can even use plastic moving containers in lieu of tables if you want to postpone unpacking for later on. But the main thing is that you don't worry about anything else, only about having fun. Watching a movie will help with that, as it will divert your attention from the tasks ahead. You need this time for yourself if you are to continue with your efforts tomorrow.

Treat yourself to some excellent and expensive take out

You can also reward yourself for embarking on a new journey in NYC by ordering something you would usually not, due to its cost. However, this is the time to do it as it may give you a boost for things that are yet to come. Think of what you would really like to eat and find a place that is considered the best in town for it. Then order some of their cuisines, regardless of the cost. Of course, you don't really need to go overboard and spend hundreds of dollars on one take out, but do treat yourself with something nice. Saving money is great and all, especially when it comes to moving supplies, but this is not the time for it. You need to relax, after all, and eating an excellent meal is a great way to do it.

A good walk will help you relax after moving to NYC

But if you want a cheaper solution, one that requires you not to spend a single dime, why not take a walk in your new neighborhood? Go slow, take in the sights like you are a tourist. Of course, feel free to partake in any activities that you deem fun, on the way. You don't really have a destination, the journey is your goal. Try to leave all the thoughts about what is to come for later, simply enjoy the present. You can read that unpacking guide for beginners once you get back, you don't have to think about it while you're walking. If you can afford to spend a bit of money, purchase some of the local delicacies and try them out, as well. It is your night to relax, do everything that makes you happy, or even giddy.There are no wrong choices here, do what you think will feel good.

A power nap is always a good idea

However, a way to truly relax and "recharge" is to take a small, power, nap. Even if you have a lot of things yet to do, you and your body will benefit from taking a small break. It can be anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours but sleeping more might leave you frustrated later on. Especially if you have plenty of work to do once you wake up. Waking up from your nap depends on the type of person you are, so make sure to account for that. For example, I have to set 5 alarms in 15-minute increments to be able to wake up from a power nap. My wife needs me to vigorously shake her or she will simply not get up. Everyone is different, and you need to make sure you have a contingency plan.

man sleeping in bed

There is nothing better for relaxing than taking a nap.

One of the ways to relax after moving to NYC - Go to the mall

Some people find malls to be relaxing places. If you are one of those, fire up your search engine and find a mall nearby. Malls usually provide unique experiences and are pretty fun places to hang out in. Especially if you go to one of the top NYC malls. You can do your shopping there, or you can simply walk around and take in the sights. Regardless, it is a great way to relax and shrug off some of that moving stress that you might have accumulated.

Read some good books or enjoy your favorite music

Or you can simply go back to the basics. Music is always a good relaxing partner, and so are your favorite books. This is the perfect time to find something new or to enjoy the classics. You can't really go wrong here, as both activities provide you with enough distraction so your stress will melt away. You can combine books and music with some other relaxing things, such as walking and sitting in a cafe, as well. Basically, do what feels right to you at that moment.

woman with headphones listening music, dancing, singing

Listening to your favorite songs is a great way to melt away the stress of moving.

Relax your body - Get a massage!

Finally, if your body is really tense from all that work you've done so far, why not get a massage? You may not consider it in normal situations but this is the time for it. Having a massage is deeply relaxing and it will make you feel a lot better. There are many professionals that work in all neighborhoods and scheduling a session will be easy. You deserve it, go for it! Relax after moving to NYC and have the best possible time.