Dec 1, 2023

How to relocate your beauty salon

How to relocate your beauty salon

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Once you have your own business, you will realize that you need to expand it and grow. This often means that you will relocate. Maybe not a lot, but you for sure will. And it’s better if you know how to properly relocate your beauty salon and who to ask for help. It’s preferable to do loading and unloading with the professional movers, of course. But, you can do the packing on your own. You just need to cover yourself with proper moving supplies. And for that, you should definitely use Capital City Bins offers. Anyway, that is definitely not the only part of relocating a beauty salon. You can’t afford to lose your previous clients. So be prepared to talk with them even before the move. Also, you need to find a proper place and to decorate it and arrange it so you can have busy work.

Woman working in a beauty salon pick up the hair color.

If you want to relocate your beauty salon you need to think about it first.

If you want to move your beauty salon, first find a new place

The first step of this process must be to find a place where your new beauty salon will be. What you need to think about is the location. If it is easily accessible, it’s definitely better. You don’t want it to be hidden somewhere where almost no one will see it and know about its existence. Someplace that can attract your attention would be the best option.What is also important when you are choosing a new place for your salon, is the condition of it. You can’t just work anywhere. In a room without electricity, for instance. So, before you say yes and buy, or rent the place, check it out better. It needs to have enough space in the room to fit all your current equipment. And also, if you were thinking about buying a new one, you must find space for that too. Check out if the electrical work is updated and if it’s safe to work in those conditions concerning the electricity. See if the place has enough windows, extra rooms, and everything else that you need to have in one salon.Also, pay attention to the walls, the paint, tiles, and so on. Figure out if you need to retouch them. You can get green moving supplies and pack things you need in there once it’s time for that. Another very important thing is to check if your business is complying with the ADA regulations. Without this, you won’t have easy access to the bathrooms, the store, and other things. And you want to have all the documentation before starting anything.

You will have to make an inventory list and figure out what you are missing

After you have finally found your perfect place and you started with small arrangements such as painting the walls and putting the sign-on, you need to go back to your old salon. It is the time when you have to make a longer list of your equipment. You have to write down each item that you already own for that salon. And keep in mind that when you move your beauty salon, it’s better to update it with some newer equipment. For that reason, write down what you are missing out on. And what you would like to buy. Getting new supplies, and more modern is definitely a great plus and advantage for the business. Remember that you will need some cheap plastic bins for moving. It will make your relocation easier.

Supplies for a beauty salon.

You need to make your inventory list.

Notify all of your clients when you are going to relocate your beauty salon

For one particular business, the most important thing are the clients. And you probably already know this, but unfortunately, there is a huge risk of losing a large number of your clients. But, you are lucky since you still have time to fix and avoid that. In addition, to still have your clients visiting your salon and using your services, you need to notify them about the move. Inform them from the first moment. Talk with them about it, explain where the salon will be, the exact relocation. And, ask them about thoughts and opinions. Also, you should make some flyers and posters and hang them around. Saying that you will close the salon at the current place, and open a new one, same but better, at a new location. This will be quite effective. Posting about it on social media will spread fast and it will help.Also, you will have to inform your suppliers, service providers, and investors that are working with you about the relocation. If you want to cancel some partnerships, change, or make new ones, now is a perfect time. Minimum three months before the relocation. Don’t wait any longer. If you don’t do it right on time, you might regret it because it can harm your business.

Think about the relocation itself! How do you want to move your salon?

For every successful relocation, you need proper movers. That is not only for relocating houses and similar to that. It’s a rule for everything that you want to take from one place to another. So, to be sure that your relocation will be without problems and just how you’ve imagined, better find proper movers. Also, you will need good quality moving storage bins. It can help you a lot with the relocation. And definitely for storing items. You can get them even in smaller sizes and decorate them, to hold your supplies for the salon. However, you will need them, and they are useful. If you think you will only need them for the relocation and nothing else, you don’t need to buy them. You can just rent them long enough to help you with your needs.

Interior of a beauty salon.

Find a perfect place and location for your new beauty salon.

Don’t forget to throw a party!

This is not mandatory, of course, but it’s preferable. Once you decorate your salon and finish arranging it, you need to open it. And there is no better way to attract clients and customers than to throw a small welcoming party. It’s good for every new beginning. You can even find a party theme and decorate after you relocate your beauty salon. Post everywhere on media about it and have a good time!