Dec 1, 2023

How to reuse moving boxes after the move

How to reuse moving boxes after the move

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When you move, you need the sea of moving boxes. They are really suitable containers to relocate your household. Choosing the suitable ones in terms of size is not a piece of cake. First and foremost, you should get them without spending a vast amount of money. That’s why you have to be creative and come up with alternative ways of obtaining moving supplies in question. If you’re willing to think outside of the box, you might talk to nearby stores. They should have ample moving boxes in their warehouse. Are you ready to go the extra mile to tighten the belt? People usually focus on getting the boxes. On the other hand, fewer people think about how to reuse moving boxes after the move. How about you? What would you do with all those boxes once you don’t need them anymore?

a pile of boxes with a name of the room in which they belong written all over them

There are plenty of ways to reuse moving boxes after the move

Use them to unleash your family's creativity

Kids like drawing. No canvas is big enough for them. Instead of letting them use the walls to paint, make use of moving boxes. Give them crayons and see what happens next. They will have so much fun unleashing their creativity. You could benefit from having a little bit of time to settle in in your new home. Not having to continually overwatch your kids’ every step is a weight off your mind.Then again, you could join them, thus spending quality family time. They will love it. Being engaged in the same activities bonds the family members tighter. By doing this, you’re setting an example of a role model parent who is simultaneously a friend rather than an authority. You have to establish boundaries. Think of this as an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Did you say storage?

Let’s face it – we all have a bunch of possessions at home. I can hear you say you’re not one of these people. But what about your grandma’s antique coffee cups? You’re still keeping them, don’t you? I rest my case. It’s obvious we’re all in dire need of storage bins. Maybe you don’t want to put them in storage because you like having them at hand. Then again, it might not be a budget-wise decision at the moment. Anyhow, this is something moving boxes can help you with.What do you mean how? Clean your items, wrap them in suitable packing material such as bubble wrap and store them in cardboard boxes. Next, place the boxes at the bottom of your wardrobe or under the bed. Or take them to an attic or a basement. Either way, they are in your possession.

A moving box containing books for children

One of the ways to reuse moving boxes after the move is to store items in them

Save them just in case

You never know what tomorrow will bring. Even though you’re not planning on moving again, you might have to go through it soon enough. For that reason, it’s cost-effective to preserve the moving boxes just to be on the safe side. It’s one of the ways of how to save money while moving. Besides, they won’t take a lot of space when you flatten them and put them aside.Pick only the boxes that can hold larger weight without rupturing. When you’re storing them, make sure not to expose them to moisture or direct sunlight as it may damage the boxes permanently. In turn, put them somewhere dark. The viable options are

  • an attic
  • basement
  • garage

Another thing to be wary of is the presence of rodents. Mice and other vermins will eat it in no time.Moving boxes are great pet housesMoving with pets means you should get a pet house. By and large, you can buy them, but they tend to be rather expensive. Also, odds are you’ll have to go and pick them up which could be tricky. It might be a lengthy trip. Not to mention you need to pay for the gas. The budget-friendly option is to use moving boxes as a pet home. They’re of decent size for a puppy or kitty cat to tuck in. Your beloved pet will be cozy in its new house.Remove the top parts to provide the air flow to your new family member. Additionally, make sure to put something soft at the cardboard box bottom, such as a towel or an old piece of clothing. Keep it clean at all times.

A tiny cat in a moving box being a way to reuse moving boxes after the move

To reuse moving boxes after the move, opt for making a pet house

Let your kids have fun

Do you want to find a great way to entertain your kids? Don’t you need an activity that will sweep them off their feet? Well, believe it or not, moving boxes are your ally! How come? In brief, choose a bit larger box and clean it top-bottom. Summon your kids and tell them you have a surprise. Explain to them they can use blankets and any household item they want to build a fortress.Another creative way to reuse moving boxes after the move is to tell your children you’re going camping. A huge moving box is like a tent. Give them flashlights and sleeping bags. Moreover, play some nature sounds on Youtube. Once you turn off the light, let the games begin. To enhance the feeling, keep turning the AC on and off to simulate wind.


At first glance, moving boxes are plain. Other than storing your belongings, they do not seem to have any other function, let alone a funny one. With a little bit of imagination, you and your family can have a whale of time reusing the boxes. Let your kids have fun by using them as a masterpiece canvas. Better yet, tell them to build a fortress. The most interesting way of reusing the cardboard boxes, however, is house camping. If this is not your cup of tea, be aware of the fact moving boxes make a great pet house. So, if your kids want one really badly, maybe you can make their dream come true. If you incline more towards practicality, you can simply flatten the boxes and store them someplace dark. What you can do as well is to put them at use as storage.