Dec 1, 2023

How to reuse packing supplies after your relocation

How to reuse packing supplies after your relocation

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Nowadays, there is a huge push for going green whatever you are doing. The same applies to the moving industry! We are constantly trying to develop new techniques and technologies that will make this world a better place! Sadly, a lot of cheap plastic bins for moving are just thrown away after the move, which is not the best when considering our planet! However, there are many things that you can do to reuse packing supplies after your relocation! Today, we take a look at a couple of them in hopes that they will inspire you to go just a little bit more green after your move, as well as in your everyday life!

Cardboard boxes are the first things to deal with when you want to reuse packing supplies after your relocation

Of course, one of the biggest things you will have to deal with after the move are the boxes. Whether they are the regular cardboard boxes or special plastic wardrobe boxes for moving, you will probably have an abundance of them just waiting for you. And even though your first impulse might be to throw them away or recycle them, don't! There is still so much you can do with these boxes before their life is over!

cardboard boxes

You will be met with piles of cardboard boxes!First, the obvious. You can use them for packing up smaller items and storing them in your home. Clothes, toys, magazines and books - all of these can go inside a box, then in an attic, basement - or even the wardrobe or closet! Another thing is that you can save these and use them when getting your items ready for storage. There are also many ways in which you can donate these - either to someone else who is moving or to someone who is preparing their own items for the storage.

Plastic wrap and similar padding items

When it comes to blister packs, many people want nothing else than to pop the small bubbles. Although this is highly satisfying, it just leaves behind a lot of plastic that you cannot use anymore! This is why you should try to refrain from this! Instead, you can use this to secure and protect your items when preparing them for storage or, just like in the last case, giving them away to someone who needs them!

plastics are some of the hardest things you can get rid of when wanting to reuse packing supplies after your relocation

Try to think of different ways you can reuse plastic padding.What's more, there are many people who use these for art installations, or as an insulator. So, you might want to go online and try to sell your padding materials there. You never really know what and who you might run into! Also, it might serve as an inspiration for yourself. In the end, you might want to relax and create something out of these items yourself and reuse packing supplies after your relocation this way!