Dec 1, 2023

How to stay organized during a home renovation

How to stay organized during a home renovation

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Remodeling is an expensive business, so simply because of the cost, many of us have no choice but to live on half a construction site while it's happening. It may not be particularly pleasant, and both your patience and resilience will most certainly be tested during this time. But if you stay organized during a home renovation it will ease the whole process. Capital City Bins have few tips for you so you can stay organized. The organization is everything. Not only in our everyday life but especially during a renovation. Take a breath - and follow these tips to stay calm and organized despite the construction.

Planning construction work

After all the basic conditions have been clarified, the most important task is the concrete planning of the renovation. What work needs to be done and when? Which craftsmen will come when and need which preparatory work? Take enough time to clarify these and other questions before the first craftsmen arrive. Depending on the size and complexity of your renovation, an architect or planner can help and take over the coordination between the tradesmen. Also, write a to-do list. This will help you stay organized during a home renovation. If you plan everything ahead the probability that everything will go smoothly is higher.

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Make a plan if you want to stay organized during a home renovation.

Plan for everyday life

Don't assume that you'll be able to cope with not being able to do the dishes or cook because "it's only for three/five/nine weeks". Experience shows that renovations do take longer than planned, so it's a good idea to find a temporary solution before they begin. Ask your craftsmen for help. You'll be amazed at what they can improvise: From a cooking area in the living room to a washing machine in the garage. Don't hit the stop button on your life just because your surroundings are in a sorry state. Hold on to the little things that bring you joy. If you enjoy watching movies, keep your living room clean and free of piles and boxes. Light candles, make a path to your favorite reading nook and try to enjoy the peaceful evenings when the work is at rest and the handymen have left.

Moving boxes can help you stay organized

Of course, it is much easier to renovate if you do not have stuff lying all around the house. The solution for this is moving bin rental. Calculate how many boxes you need. You can rent or buy moving boxes. It is up to you to decide. Your items will be safely packed away. This way you are protecting your belongings. Also, it will help you stay organized if you label them. This way you will know what is in which box. It will save you a lot of time and effort. Moving boxes are the best way to clear the space so that you can renovate without any obstacles. You can also rent a storage unit and move your boxes there.

Stay organized during a home renovation

Get the moving boxes and store your things there.

Clean up every day to stay organized during a home renovation

This is the first and most important commandment for surviving home construction projects. It may seem completely pointless, but if you don't clean up the roughest debris every day, you and your home will begin to suffer as dust and dirt creep into every last nook and cranny. Acquire a very good vacuum cleaner, which will not have problems with even small-sized dirt like mortar crumbs - you will be eternally grateful to the device. If you let everything accumulate, it will be much harder later. So work a little bit every day. Clean one part at a time. This will also help you to stay organized during a home renovation. It is much easier if you have someone with whom you can share tasks. If you live with a partner, make a schedule of who works which task on which days.

Order ahead of time

Although there are many websites that promise delivery of the goods by the next day, there is always the possibility of mistakes. By the time the third demolished tub arrives, you'll probably wish you had shared a room with an intact one for two months. There is nothing more frustrating than when your own inability to organize something leads to stagnation in construction. Therefore order everything ahead of him. That includes moving bins where you will put away your belongings. It is possible to achieve everything with good organization.

Rent a storage unit to stay organized during a home renovation

During a renovation, walls often need to be stripped of wallpaper, electronics need to be replaced, or walls need to be broken up. To prevent furniture from being damaged by the projects, it is recommended to move the items out of storage in the meantime. For this purpose, it is good to store smaller parts of the furniture in the attic or basement. But if these rooms are also needed for the renovation, it is possible to store the belongings in a storage room. Also, you need to procure adequate packing material. Thus, the inventory would be well protected from dust, high humidity, or paint from painting. This also saves space for the craftsmen, painters, or electricians. Once you store everything safely, the room will leave a different impression. Without the furniture, pictures, or decorations, you will create a new perspective of the room design.

Storage units

A storage room is also a good choice if you need it for several months. There you can store everything that you do not need at the time of renovation.We hope these tips will help you to stay organized during a home renovation. Give us a call if you need packing supplies and moving boxes. If you have quality boxes, it will make your renovation easier. You will be able to organize more easily and keep everything under control.