Apr 30, 2024

How To Store Seasonal Decorations

How To Store Seasonal Decorations

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Seasonal decorations always bring a cheerful atmosphere and joy to every home during different holidays. Decorations such as Christmas decorations, cute figurines, and autumn arrangements are something that every house has year after year.

But after the season passes, packing and storing these decorations can become a challenge. This blog will explore tips on how, why, and where to store seasonal decorations.

Why Store Away Seasonal Decorations?

Seasonal decoration brings something special to our homes, but when the season is over, we often wonder if we should keep our decorations.

All Decorations Need to be Handled with Care

Here are some tips on why it is good and smart to save seasonal decorations:

Preserving Traditions

Each season brings special customs and symbols, and decorations are often a key part of those traditions. Some decorations are even passed down from generation to generation.


Instead of looking for and buying new decorations every year, you can simply take your decorations from last year out of the boxes and immediately decorate your home.

Restoring Memories

Each ornament or object is connected with loved ones and special memories. Keeping those decorations helps us relive those memories every year when we take the ornaments out of the boxes.


Buying new decorations every year can be an expensive habit, especially if you consider that for every holiday you need to set aside a lot of money for decorations, food, and seasonal clothes and shoes. Saving and using already existing decorations can save us money and time.

Environmental Responsibility

Saving and using already existing decorations reduces the amount of waste and thus protects our environment.

Preserving seasonal decoration may seem like something unimportant and replaceable, but its meaning is deeper because it represents the preservation of a tradition that needs to be preserved.

Tips for Storing Seasonal Decorations

Storing seasonal decorations is just as important as placing them. However, after the season has passed, storing decorations can be a challenge. Here are some tips on how to pack and store your seasonal decorations for next year:

Separate and sort: Sort decorations by type and theme or by size and material, and separate all that is damaged and thrown away.

Clean all decorations before packing: Before packing your decorations, clean them thoroughly so they will be ready for next year.

Pack properly: When packing your decorations, think about how you pack them. If you have fragile decorations, use soft materials such as a sponge and paper or crackle foil.

Mark the boxes: Mark all the boxes so you know what is in each.

Use of storage: Storage can be your basement, attic, or, if possible, rented space in a warehouse.

Types of Containers for Storing Decorations

When choosing containers for storing seasonal decorations, it is important to pay attention to the following things:

  • The size of the container: Adjust the size of the container to the amount of decoration. If you have larger decorations, use spacious containers, and if you have smaller decorations, use smaller boxes.
  • Pay attention to the materials: Wooden boxes and baskets give warmth to the space where the decorations are located, while plastic containers allow the decorations to be seen.
  • Resistance to damage: When storing ornaments, it is important to choose containers that provide adequate protection from damage. Bins made of solid material are a good solution.
  • Organization outside and inside the container: Mark the containers so that you know what is in them, and for the inside of the container, use dividers to organize and protect each decoration.

Choosing the right container can greatly contribute to the organization and preservation of your decorations.

How to Store Seasonal Decorations Safely

Pack Decorations Properly to Preserve Their Quality

When the holidays or the season are over, it is important to properly pack and store the decorations so that they are ready for the next use. Storing decorations properly helps keep them in good condition, prevents damage, and makes it easier to use them again next year. Tips for storing seasonal decorations are:

  • Organization
  • Washing and wiping
  • Matching boxes
  • Protection of fragile ornaments
  • Protection against high temperature and humidity
  • Regular upkeep
  • Labeling boxes.

It’s also important to pay attention to the size and material of the boxes for storing seasonal decorations. We can use the following:

Cardboard boxes: Although not as strong as plastic boxes, they can be very useful for temporary storage or rarely used decorations.

Plastic boxes with lids: Plastic boxes are strong, resistant to moisture, and protect from dust.

Storage bags: They are good for storing larger items such as artificial Christmas trees or Christmas wreaths because they can be shaped according to the size of the item.

Wooden boxes: These types of boxes provide warmth and a beautiful appearance and can be used not only to store seasonal decorations but also as decorative items in your home.

Special boxes for certain decorations: Boxes with partitions are ideal for storing fragile decorations, while bags or boxes with wheels are practical for larger and heavier decorations.

Vacuum bags: For soft and fabric decorations, vacuum bags are an excellent way to protect against moisture and dust. Using a vacuum pump, we extract the air from the bag and thus collect the contents.

Good storage is key to preserving your seasonal decorations, so carefully organize and pack decorations so you can use them again next year.

Rental a Warehouse for Seasonal Decorations

If you don't have enough space in your apartment or house, storing seasonal decorations can be a problem. That's why using a warehouse can be an excellent solution for storing your decorations.

How to choose the right warehouse for your decorations.

  • Think about your needs: Think about the amount of decoration you want to store as well as whether you need space just for seasonal decoration or for other things as well. This will help you with the size of the storage.
  • Research local stockists: Consider the distance of the stockist from your home, especially if you plan to visit the stockist often.
  • Check conditions and security: Pay attention to storage conditions such as temperature and humidity control especially if you store sensitive ornaments. Ask if they have video surveillance.
  • Lease flexibility: Leasing flexibility allows you to adapt the storage space to your needs when storing seasonal decorations.
  • Maintain the warehouse: Check the warehouse from time to time to see the condition of your decorations.

Renting a storage space can be a safe and useful solution for storing your seasonal decorations.


Properly storing your seasonal decorations can make a big difference, not just in keeping them in great shape, but also in making your life a bit easier when the seasons change. By choosing the right containers, organizing your items carefully, and labeling everything clearly, you set yourself up for a hassle-free decorating experience next year.

Make sure to keep your treasures in a spot that’s safe from extreme temperatures, moisture, and pests. With a little planning and some smart storage strategies, you can keep your decorations looking as joyful and festive as the day you first bought them.

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