Dec 1, 2023

How to take advantage of storage solutions

How to take advantage of storage solutions

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It goes without saying – you can never have too much storage space. Unfortunately, not all of us had the foresight to tactically install built-in cabinets and closets, so we have to work with what we’ve got. That is why you should take advantage of storage solutions wherever you can. Some of them are so simple, you will be surprised you didn’t think of them. Reshuffling and repurposing a few moving storage bins can make the difference between having enough space in your home and constantly bumping into things. A few ideas, good organization, and a bit of elbow grease can totally convert your home. So, here are some simple storage solutions you should try to implement.

Put your toiletries and cleaning supplies into containers

The first thing you should do is organize your toiletries and cleaning supplies and put them into separate containers. We guarantee they will take up much less space. When they are lying around your bathroom or staying inside the kitchen cabinets, they are unnecessarily spread around. You will be surprised by how much space you save, if you simply place them in containers. And it won’t cost you a cent. Take any boxes or plastic moving containers you have lying around and use them for storage. Plus, you are doubling on saving space, as you are repurposing your other items!

A lot of soaps, creams, and other products on a shelf.

You should take advantage of storage solutions by categorizing and putting your toiletries into separate containers.

Repurpose your moving supplies as pots

One creative storage solution is to use your leftover moving supplies as pots for plants. Plastic bins can make excellent pots for plants, as they are very good at retaining moisture. If you have green moving supplies, you can even recycle them once you are done with the plants. In case you are worried about the way it looks, there’s always a solution. Give your kids some crayons and let them go wild on the boxes. Or, let your creative side show and do it yourself. Worst case scenario, you throw them away. It will barely cost you anything, anyway.

Hang what you can

One of the best storage solutions is utilizing your walls. Take a look around your home and see how much space is unused. Every inch of free space could potentially be used for storage. Don’t overdo it – you don’t want to live in a hardware shop, after all, but don’t be afraid to push the envelope. If nothing else, hang some towel racks in your bathroom. Once you see how easy it is, you may get inspired to it elsewhere, too. You can hang a towel rack in your kitchen and use it to hang your pots and pans. It might sound crazy, but it will actually add to the aesthetic of your home.

How to take advantage of storage solutions.

Hanging items is a simple but efficient storage solution.

Use every inch of available space

Finally, most people (even those of us that live in tiny apartments) have a lot of unused space. Take advantage of storage solutions and fill it up. The space under your bed is considered prime storage real estate. The same goes for the space behind your doors. Categorize the items you don’t use daily and put them into containers. Then, place them underneath the bed or behind doors. If you don’t have enough containers, you can always rent plastic moving boxes. You will be surprised how much more space you have, once items aren’t unnecessarily lying around your home. In essence, the more creative you are, the more space you will have.