Dec 1, 2023

How to turn your guest room into a nursery

How to turn your guest room into a nursery

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Having a baby means that you have already set up your mind in making your family bigger. Like every one of us, you would definitely want to make a nursery room ideal and best for the mommy and the baby. The most exciting thing for parents before the baby comes is planning and organizing the nursery room. So with a few tips, and the large plastic moving boxes it will be easier to turn your guest room into a nursery.

Where to start?

First thing first! Make sure that you have cleared the whole room. If you do not know where to move or how to move all the stuff from the guest room, try to renting plastic bins for moving. Whether you know the sex of the baby or not, the nursery room has some things that are required to be in it. Make sure you have the next things:

  • Crib,
  • Chair,
  • Wardrobe,
  • Recycle bin and
  • Change unit.

Try to visualize the room and try to imagine where will you place all of this important stuff, so that you can, later on, add new and other things that you have imagined to have.Since you are about to transform your guest room into a nursery, think to rent plastic moving boxes NYC so that you can place all the stuff that you will no longer need in that room.

Changing unit for nursery room

One of the few things that you will need when you turn your guest room into a nursery is a changing unit.

Tips on how to turn your guest room into a nursery

There is a lot of stuff that you will have to do before the baby comes. Making sure everything is set is one of the main worries mother and father can have. So here is a quick guide when turning the guest room into a nursery:

  1. Pick a paint for the walls. You can either pick a theme or just a mix of the colors that you like.
  2. Make sure that the chair you will pick is cozy enough for you to nurse your baby. Read more ideas on storage ideas for small rooms.
  3. Place the stuff and the furniture so that everything that you need is close to you and that it goes in your hand. For example, place a recycle bin near the changing unit, so that you can through the diaper right away.
  4. Babyproofing the room is really necessary. It will not only be safe for your baby, but it will make you not worry a little bit about the sharp edges.
  5. Try thinking about making something by yourself for the baby. Painting a picture or making an album will be perfect for a DIY project.
One idea on how to turn your gest room into a nursery

Make sure that everything is on your hand and that it is cozy for you and the baby.Make sure you babyproof the house and that you have chosen all the stuff that you like and that is necessary. You should turn your guest room into a nursery room when you are 36 weeks pregnant. Your baby might not wait until the end to come to the world. And we can all agree that baby coming safely in this world is one of the most important events in our lives and that baby deserves to have the best room ever. Enjoy your journey!