Dec 1, 2023

How to turn your nursery into kid's room?

How to turn your nursery into kid's room?

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You hear very often someone saying that "they" grow up so fast. This is true, but you don't realize it until you have kids on your own. Having a kid means a lot of things and obligations that come with it. For instance, when they become toddlers, you need to turn your nursery into kid's room. Changing the furniture elements, painting the walls, making a theme. And the main thing, to include your kid in this rearrangement. It will for sure be fun and exciting for them. And they can learn a lot of new things and skills from this. It might seem like they are playing games, but they are still learning from it. This can be a longer process, but it's not difficult at all. So worry not. All you need is to be creative and rent plastic moving boxes NYC has. Get ready to transform!

 nursery into kid's room - transformed

When you turn your nursery into kid's room make sure you include your child in this.

Transform your nursery into kid's room by changing the furniture first

The main thing that needs to be changed when kids start to grow up is the bed. So what you should first do is get rid of that crib. Instead, find a nice toddler's bed for your kid. It's better to find something neutral, not cartoon-related since they will change their minds about it soon. And worry about the size. Don't buy a bed that is too small. They won't stop growing up, so you don't want to change the bed every few months. If you have two, or even more kids, bunk beds are the best option since they don't take a lot of space.When it comes to the closet, the best thing to do is to leave the same one. There is no need in changing it. What you can do is put on some stickers or paint it differently on your own. You should add shelves. On some of them, you can store books and picture books. On others, put all the toys. Make one shelf lower to reach it out on their own and place the most favorite toys there. This way they will be able to get them all the time. You should also add a small hat stand for coats and jackets that they can take by themselves.You probably wonder what to do with the things for babies that were in your nursery. Definitely, you shouldn't throw them away or sell them. You don't know if you will need them again, or maybe a close family member. So, instead of getting rid of them, better rent the best plastic containers for moving and store the things inside of them. You can after store the containers in some room for storing things or rent a storage unit.

Together decide on a theme and paint the walls!

Normally, for the nurseries, people use pastel and feint colors. But, when babies grow into toddlers, it's time to play a little bit with colors. You should include them in this one. Ask them about their favorite cartoons and what they like the most. Once you figure that out, you can make a plan for painting the walls. Of course, you shouldn't stick to the one specific cartoon character, since it might be outdated. Instead, combine all of them together, and some elements from the cartoons. Make a drawing until it looks perfect. Choose one empty wall that is visible all the time and paint that picture on it.For the rest of the walls, don't make them too much colorful. It is better if you paint them in lines and smaller details instead of the full wall. Choose the most common colors such as blue, yellow, and red. They are bright and the kid will love them. Consider using green moving supplies to pack the leftover from paint, brushes, and so on.

Two little girls playing with toys.

Make sure your kid is comfy while playing.

Don't forget to add new decorations and details when you turn your nursery into kid's room!

You probably understand that for the kids, the most important is to have a space to play with their toys. That's why you need to add some small details so they can enjoy it even more. For instance, a good idea would be adding a lazy bag where they can sit and be comfortable while reading their picture books or something. Don't exclude at any cost putting a nice carpet. They sit on the floor most of the time and you don't want your child to be sick or having the flu. Another thing that you can add, and what is interesting is to put a blackboard on the wall and chalks in all colors. It will be quite interesting for them.Of course, don't forget to add a box for keeping the toys. Instead of buying some expensive boxes for toys, buy plastic moving boxes. It is cheaper and you can make it however you like. Paint it over, and make some doodles on it. Even your kid can decorate it. If you have a girl, add a dollhouse in some part of the room. Or if you have a boy, get a racing car and trail. You can also buy some stars and moon stickers that glow in the dark and glue them on the ceiling and on some walls. And combine some nice colorful curtains.

Think about the lights

A toddler's room should definitely have as much light as possible. If your windows are not big enough and your kid is not getting much daylight, try to change that. If it's not possible to install a bigger window, add more lights inside. And make it bright. Also, you can leave a small lamp that they can reach out at any moment. Kids are afraid of the dark in most cases. It will be easier for them knowing that the lamp is right next to them while they sleep and they can get light and turn it off whenever they want. But still, you need to find some power protections for them. Don't put any power outlet low and somewhere reachable. It can be dangerous! You can find cheap plastic bins for moving and use them to make some decorations for small lamps. Just be creative!

A kid playing with a toy in the kid's room.

Make them their own private space.

Make them a creative corner

Toddlers are still small to go to school and start learning serious things. But you should start preparing them for that. For that reason, make them a small creative corner. You can buy a functional chair desk set where they can start learning how to draw, write, count, and do other basic things. That will help you turn your nursery into kid's room. Don't force them to do it so much, just from time to time and when they feel the need.