How to unpack into your new apartment with kids

How to unpack into your new apartment with kids

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Relocation is sometimes very stressful enough as it is. Especially when you need to deal with the kids at the same time. When you don't prepare both yourself and your kids on time, it can turn around from a very exciting moment to a disaster. And this is definitely something that you want to skip. After you deal with getting the moving totes rental, and you finish up the packing, there is another obligation waiting for you. And it is to unpack into your new apartment with kids. It is slightly more difficult than packing, so preparation is a must. You will need help on this one, so just accept it.

When you want to unpack into your new apartment with kids, you need to set some rules

Having kids is a gift and something best that can happen. But sometimes, you might not feel like this. Especially when they are very young, and they just started walking and exploring things around them. For a relocation, it has a lot of downsides. Firstly, the safety of kids. They can easily hurt themselves while they are trying to move the box, or pack something. And if that is not the case, they can unpack everything that you packed, and it can take plenty of your time to finish. Well, to avoid scenarios like these, you need to set some rules. It is better that they are somewhere safe and playing with the cheap plastic bins for moving than hiding around some heavy boxes that can fall over them. You need to think ahead for everything when you must unpack into your new apartment with kids.

Kid and mom throwing clothes everywhere at the apartment.

When you have to unpack into your new apartment with kids, you need to be very patient.

When you have to unpack into your new apartment with kids, include them in the process

Since children can be very naughty, and a lot of times they won't listen when you tell them they are not allowed to do something, you must do it differently. Normally, a lot of them will listen if you agree to give them something in exchange. For instance, the promise that they can decorate and style their entire bedroom when you arrive at a new place. Or buying them a new toy they wanted for a long time. Even taking them to their favorite amusement park. Talk with them and figure out what is it that they love the most. This way, you can get them out of dangerous situations, and it will speed up the entire process.

Try to amuse them with some of the moving supplies while you can deal with more important things

In a lot of cases, letting your kid play with moving supplies help. When you arrive at your new apartment, it is time to unpack and settle down. It is a little bit more complicated than packing. Since now, you need to think, be creative and design your new place in the best possible way. And very often, kids can be a small problem here. Keeping a kid calm and in one place is almost impossible. But, there are things that can help. For instance, you will have all of your moving boxes delivered NYC. As you finish with one box, let them play with it.

Kids' imagination is unconditional, and even with a simple box, they can do lots of things. You can even put some of the color markers and pencils in your bag, so they can draw and write something on those boxes. Also, depending on the age of your kid, you can challenge them to make something out of it, while you unpack the other box. Keeping their little minds busy as much as possible is the only way to manage to unpack fast and effective. So get plenty of ideas to preoccupy your kid while you finish your obligations.

Kid playing inside of a moving box.

While you unpack use those moving supplies and boxes so your kids can play with them. It will distract them.

When it is time to unpack into your new apartment with kids, make a plan for it in advance

Since relocation with kids is a little bit more complicated than normal, you will have to do many things in advance. A lot of your time will go to your kids. And because of that, everything else that you need to finish can be much slower. Developing a good plan for unpacking can help out. When you know exactly what to do and in which order, not only it will be faster, but easier as well. And the sooner you finish, the sooner you can pay full attention to your kids again.

Including your kids, while you are planning can also change something about their behavior. They can feel worshiped and important if you ask them about opinions and to help you out. As mentioned earlier, let them deal with their own bedroom. Give them ideas, but let them choose in the end. You want them on their side. And this will help. You can also start unpacking their bedroom first. When they are surrounded by toys and they are in a safe environment, it is easier both for you and them. Also, you can make from plastic moving containers something that they like to play with. A small kitchen, car, or anything. This is also a great way to re-use all of your moving supplies, and to reduce waste.

The more choirs you give them, the more they will listen

Even though they don't understand it at the time, kids want to grow up. They all want to be adults, and most of the time they will try to act like ones. And sometimes, when you treat them like they are still just kids, they can get angry and stubborn. But for unpacking, it is something you should avoid. Instead, you should give them choirs. And the more choirs you give them, the better it will be. First of all, they will get tired sooner, and they will want to sleep after a while. And the second reason is that they will listen to you more.

For sure, you won't let them design your new living room. But you can let them help you with unpacking. For instance, let them carry some lighter things that are not breakable to a certain place. It will make them feel very important. But only do it if they didn't argue with you. When they are playing in their corner, simply call them and let them have the honor of helping you out. You can also think about this as the bonding time and moment.

A toddler playing with wooden toys.

Unpack your kids' room first, so they can play with their favorite toys while you unpack.

In the end, surprise them with a reward

There is nothing that kids love more than rewards. It doesn't matter what kind of a reward it is, just that they earn it. So, give them choirs and challenges that will help you to unpack into your new apartment with kids. If they listened, and they behaved properly, award them. You can either buy them a toy, take them out for ice cream, or have a yes day. The choice is yours.