Dec 1, 2023

How to write a good moving review

How to write a good moving review

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If you have just moved and you tend to write a good moving review of the company, there are a few things to pay attention to. Surely, your review doesn't have to be full of praise for your movers, but your honest opinion. Honesty is the key that separates true reviews from fake ones. If you were satisfied with their services but you didn't care for the plastic moving tubs they have recommended, point it out.


Writing helpful, comprehensive moving reviews benefits everyone.

First of all - Why should you take the time to write a good moving review?

When you were figuring the best place to rent moving bins NYC from, you probably rely on the customer's reviews. The same goes for choosing movers. If someone did make an effort to leave a review, you might won't find the movers you were seeking for.If you write a good moving review describing your positive experience, it will boost the reputation of your movers. At the same time, new potential customers will see that this is a reliable company.The same goes for negative reviews. Customers who are considering the company will think twice before hiring movers with bad reviews. Meaning you might save someone from having a bad moving experience. On the other hand, the moving company will suffer a decline in its reputation which can make it step up its game and increase the quality of services.

What to pay attention to when writing a moving review

In order to write good moving review, there are some main points to consider.Before you tell the world about your moving experience and rate the services of the moving company, here's what you should pay attention to:

  • Details, details, details - Providing as many details about your moving experience as possible will make your review more relevant. However, mention only the most important and useful ones since people rarely read very long reviews.
  • Be objective - When you describe your moving experience, strive to achieve maximum objectivity. It will make your review more trustworthy. Try to avoid too personal or over-emotional details. People are reading your review because they need concrete information about the quality of mover's services, not your feelings.
  • Proper spelling and grammar – Reviews with numerous spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and no punctuation is very hard to read. Also, people tend to take such reviews less seriously, if they read them in the first place.
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Pay attention to grammar and writing mistakes.

How to write a good moving review?

Don't misspell the name of the company

This happens more than you can even realize. Since there are many moving companies with similar names, one letter can make a whole difference. If your movers are deserving of your praise, they are also deserving to receive it by your review.On the other hand, if you misdirect negative reviews by misspelling a company's name, it will be totally unfair to the company you are referring to.To avoid any misunderstandings, go to your mover's website and click on the "About Us" section. There you will have all the necessary information to write a good moving review.

Describe your relocation

In the opening of your review list the basic facts about your move. Inform readers about starting and final points of the relocation, date and final price of the move, condition of your goods after the delivery, etc.This is very important and gives a general idea of the nature of your relocation.

Be honest

It is crucial that your review is honest and straight to the point. When you're rating quality of moving service, you will be asked to provide information about their punctuality, professionalism, reliability, communication, etc. In the end, you will have a chance to give an overall rating.

Rating by stars - Rate your movers after you write a good moving review

It is usually the scale that goes up to 5 stars - from poor to excellent.

Write your narrative in a chronological order

No matter are you reviewing the company you rent moving supplies from or moving company itself - always start from the beginning.From the moment you have contacted the moving company and work your way until the moment your goods have been delivered to your new home if that is the end of your moving experience.It will be easier for readers to grasp the entire moving process and understand the message you’re trying to get across.

You may follow your own logical progression, or separate your story by segments like:

  • First impression - Here you can describe your honest impression of the company based on your first contact with movers. Also, if they were rude, explain why you decided to hire them.
  • Before the move - Did the customer service answer all of your questions? Did movers provide you with all the necessary documents, prior to the moving day? Have they explained to you what is a bill of lading and why is it important? Were they willing to help you with moving tasks that are above their pay grade?
  • Moving day - Did the movers arrive at the scheduled time? If they didn't', how late were they? Have they even apologized for not honoring the time? Did your movers come with the right packing materials and necessary equipment? Were they neat, professional, courteous and well-mannered? How hard have they worked? Were they careful when handling your household goods? To what extent? Did they finish in a timely manner, or there were delays?
  • Delivery - Were your household items delivered on schedule? What was their condition after the move? Anything damaged, broken or missing? Did your movers request the previously negotiated price or did they change it and overcharge you?
  • After the move - How did the company handle the unresolved issues if there was any? Will you use the services of this moving company again and recommend it to friends and neighbors? List reasons why.

Leaving a good moving review will help you to feel better

If your moving experience was a bad one, writing about it in a comprehensive way will help you get rid of the bitter aftertaste, since it is one of the best stress coping techniques.When you write a good moving review where you explain in detail all the wrongdoing of your movers, you will feel better. You will tell the truth without sounding like you're seeking revenge. Then you can leave it behind, knowing that your review might help somebody to avoid your mistakes.